Victory Parade

We wish all survivors a happy Victory Day!

There are many true connoisseurs of military tech and history buffs among our players. They successfully recreate the famous war machines in the game, not only from the Second World War, but also the modern models. We asked them to build armoured vehicles specifically for our “Victory Parade”!

A line of cars opens our holiday parade. They traveled many roads of war, providing the front with everything necessary.

And now, a line of heavy tracked vehicles is passing right next to us. These are true “tank killers” with a powerful turret and a long cannon!

The famous “Katyusha” vehicles launch a festive volley of rockets!

The main breach tanks are driving to the square. Speed! Power! Charge! And armour!

The famous trucks — hard off-road workers — are moving along. They are in the military, when there are no roads, and the driver himself can take up the repairs literally anywhere.

Another line of cars is coming down the hill. Good armoured personnel carriers are an indispensable thing in the Wasteland. High off-road capability, the ability to shoot raiders and a large trunk. Many people use such armoured vehicles and as a temporary home on wheels.

And now the stands with survivors can see the agile and fast recon vehicles. The autocannon gives them the opportunity to fend off random raiders, and a mixed chassis — to maneuver and even pass through ruined megacities.

The war queen — artillery! Even now, when there are no large-scale battles, the Wasteland is far from crowded, and the megacities are destroyed — we love the large caliber. A good cannon next to your house instills confidence in the future. Therefore, we respectfully nod to this group of armoured vehicles following.

The favourite vehicle of the survivors is coming to the fore — the field kitchen! Indispensable in long journeys. Ah, the famous field cereals. The soup. The main course and compote! Yummy!

And again, the heavy tracked vehicles salute us with blank rounds. Oh no, they're not blank! A nice hit on the barn! Bravo to the gunners!

Now let's meet a line of modern vehicles, specially adapted for the battles in the Wasteland. The fusion of maneuverability, power, autocannons and self-guided missiles!

Our parade is completed with a line of armored machinery from the Crossout exhibition. Maximum authenticity and attention to detail!

As long as we remember, all who fought and won in the last war will be alive in our memory. And therefore there always stood and will stand the guard of honour at the monument to the days of the past.

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9 May 2019