Rebuild in Crossout: Victory Day


This is what we call those who survived the apocalypse and remained able to stand up for themselves by sitting behind the wheel of an armoured car. But before this disaster, there were the other ones that incurred great losses. Those who lived through them could be called survivors too. Two different worlds, one goal. Stay alive. And for this, survivors of all time continue to build amazing machines.

So, the task is: build a craft that would match as much as possible the legendary combat machine, the landmark weapon of victory — “Katyusha”.

The top 8 entries will be selected in total. Of them:

  • 3 lucky survivors, selected at random, will receive a unique non-tradable paint can “Pattern: Forest”, a “Ghost Knight” sticker and 1000 in-game coins.
  • The remaining 5 winners will get 600 coins, a sticker “Ghost Knight” and a unique non-tradable paint can: “Pattern: Urban”.

In addition, among all the participants, we will randomly select 15 lucky survivors who will get a scanner for 3 days!

All contest winners will also receive a unique “Rebuild in Crossout” sticker.

To participate in the contest you need to:

  • Build your own craft, similar to the legendary “Katyusha”. It has to be self-propelled.
  • Upload the craft to the in-game exhibition. The name must start with the tag 0905.
  • Post a screenshot of your creation on VK or Facebook with the hashtag #9thXO and indicate the name of the craft at the exhibition.
  • Specify your nickname and your platform.
  • Build your entry in the slot for a car or a leviathan.
  • The armoured car must be functional.
  • Only one entry is accepted from each participant.
  • The entry cannot contain offensive and Nazi symbols, obscene language, references to prohibited groups and societies, elements of erotic content or in any other way should not violate the rules of the game.
  • By participating in the contest, you consent to the use of your work at our discretion.

Attention! Entries are accepted until May 14, 12:00 GMT. Results will be announced within a week after entry admission is concluded. Distribution of prizes is made within a week after summing up the contest.

Good luck with your work and on the battlefield!


8 May 2019