Changes in clan battles and ways of obtaining uranium ore


Changes in the number of prizes and the change in the format of clan battles to “Best of 3” are not all the innovations that we plan for the near future. Today we are ready to share the details of further changes, which are expected soon.

First of all, we plan to retire the fragments of relic parts and completely remove them from the game. We would like the ability to produce relic weapons to depend entirely on the player, his clan and their efforts, and not on the mechanics of randomly getting fragments as a result of each battle.

When this news article goes live, we will have disabled the opportunity to trade relic fragments, and with the next update we plan to remove them from the relic part crafting recipes. All fragments that were put up for sale, are automatically returned to your storage. The fragments left in player storage will be automatically purchased at the end of February. The purchase price is determined in advance, based on the analysis of recent prices for fragments.


  • Scorpion: 50 coins for a fragment
  • Porcupine: 8 coins for a fragment
  • Firebug: 5 coins for a fragment


  • Scorpion: 435 coins for a fragment
  • Porcupine: 450 coins for a fragment
  • Firebug: 220 coins for a fragment

Xbox One

  • Scorpion: 850 coins for a fragment
  • Porcupine: 710 coins for a fragment
  • Firebug: 375 coins for a fragment


Earlier in the blog, we already announced the appearance of league mechanics in clan battles. What will change in the end?

Attention! The changes described below are scheduled for the end of February, and not for the next update!

All clans participating in clan battles will be divided into 6 leagues, depending on the clan's rating points. With the advent of this feature, the current ratings of all clans will be reset, so that all participants of the updated clan battles are in equal conditions. At the moment, the planned list of leagues is as follows (in descending order of rating):

  1. Diamond League (600+ rating points)
  2. Golden League (599 - 450 rating points)
  3. Silver League (449 - 300 rating points)
  4. Bronze League (299 - 200 rating points)
  5. Wooden League (199 - 100 rating points)
  6. Base League (99 - 0 rating points)

After the weekly roundup, each clan enters the league one level lower, but with the maximum rating value for this league. The exceptions are the clans of the “Base League”, whose rating points are reset. 
For example: if by the end of the week your clan is in the Silver League, then from the beginning of the next week it will be in the Bronze League with a rating of 299 points.

In the updated version of clan battles, players will be able to receive uranium ore for victories in battles. The amount of ore you get will depend on which league your clan currently belongs to (the values are preliminary and can be changed both before and after the update):

  • Diamond League - 2 units of uranium ore for victory.
  • From Gold to Bronze League - 1 unit of uranium ore for victory.
  • Wooden and Base leagues do not receive uranium ore for victories.

Because of this change, we are adding a weekly limit on the amount of uranium ore received per week. At the moment, it is planned that the limit for each player will be 100 units of uranium ore per week.

In clan battles, the approach to draws in a round will affect the final score in a battle. Now a draw will automatically count as a victory of both clans. Thus, if one of the clans wins in the first round, and the next round ends in a draw, then the victory in the battle with a score of 2-1 is awarded to the winning clan of the first round. In situations where the score in the battle is equal (1-1), the final round is held by the new rules:

  • In the centre of the location, a new point appears that can be captured. 
  • In parallel, a storm begins at the location, homing in on the new point.
  • Victory is awarded to the clan, which will capture the point or destroy all opponents.

In conclusion, we note that we also plan to take into account the peculiarities of the battles in the new format and to reconsider the amount of scrap metal issued as a result of the battle.

Please note that the plans described in this article are preliminary and may change in the development process or never make it into the game.

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7 February 2019