New Year's armoured cars in Crossout

Ho ho ho, my little survivors! Today you're listening to me, Father Shrike. In today's traditional selection of the best armoured cars from the engineers of the Wasteland — cars that appeared on our radar straight from the traditional New Year's contest in social networks.


Wastelanders love holidays. Some of the major remaining holidays for survivors are the New Year and Christmas. During this time, tables in the garages are set, large plasma displays are installed, various funny pictures are drawn on the screens (there is no TV on air!), and guests are invited to the garages. What a great time! Aah!

In this festive time, some survivors talk about their meetings with the Father in the Wasteland. Not the one full of energy drinks, but the Father in a fur coat, a cap and with reindeer. You might say that there are enough deer in our village anyway. And I agree with you. But the Father's reindeer are real! So lifelike!

People say that once on New Year's Eve one of the raiders in a remote village on the edge of the Blood Rocks decided to put a special Christmas tree in his garage. He lived alone, missed his family and the little doggie that he'd had before the disaster and so he built an iron pig. Aww, it's so sweet. He built it and left it under the tree for the entire holiday. And when he returned to the garage after a party with friends, he saw that the piggy came to life! He was so happy, so elated. He wanted to fatten it, grow it. But it turned out to be a minipig.

On these holidays, survivors love decorating their armoured cars with various lights and garlands. They say that the tradition started long before the disaster. People back then loved everything bright and shiny. And some drivers used to drink one soda too many, and wrap garlands around their trucks. And the kids came running after their cars yelling “Holidays are coming”. These days it's hard to find even a functioning generator, not to mention light bulbs.

Some old men in the Wasteland can be scary. He waves his staff — the Leviathan is scared! He shakes his beard — Fiercehog scuttles back to his Den! That's the kind of Grandfathers you might meet in the Wasteland!

This year, there's a trend to celebrate the holidays not in your garage, but at your neighbour's. Many raiders even craft special advertising posters, luring other survivors into their garages. Here is one creative example: “Pineapple gifts are already waiting for survivors under the Christmas tree straight from the luxury Santa Claus sled, and the young Christmas tree invites you to warm yourself near the burning gas storage, oh! there is a gift for the particularly fast inhabitants of the Wasteland, the legendary bumper only given to those who behaved well this year.”

Every grandfather in the wasteland is special. But there is a certain one that's even more special. Always looking at you with a squint. His eyes are like gun slots in armor. And there's a fire inside. The gifts from his bag are always special. You think they are with a twist, but no — they are actually with a turn.

And do you know what kind of hares we have in the Wasteland? You've never seen anything like them. For Christmas, our hares boost their bodies with armor plates, and improves the legs with unique perks. The left one gives +10 to fire resistance, and the right one additionally pierces the enemy’s armor by 80 cm.

Deer you say? Here in the wasteland we have dragons in sleds! The blue dragon drags the sled up to three and a half tons and the number of seats, in addition to the driver’s seat, does not exceed eight. And the red dragon gives an additional bonus to weapon cooling if you scratch it for 10 seconds below the left foot at a speed of at least 60 km per hour.

And oh how much do survivors love fireworks and crackers. The holidays are usually so loud, you'd never hear anything like it during a wild Leviathan hunt. On a night like this everything's flooded with lights. Multicoloured pictures are glowing in the air. Beautiful! Well, of course we lose two or three garages overnight. This is normal.

The evening before the holidays is a special time. Many survivors pack their belongings in trailers and hit the road. Sometimes a whole road train can be found between neighbouring settlements, laden with Christmas salads, petards and gifts. This is the time of the great migration. But the next day they will ride in the opposite direction.

And look at the birds we have in the wasteland! Some survivors sit on these birds and ride them. And the other survivors look at them and yell “Nerf hovers now!”. According to the legend, Father Frost shouted this at his reindee when he first came to the Valley.

Winter in the wasteland is a time when many survivors ride their sleds. It's funny that there is no snow this winter. Crazy heat in the shade. The rocks are melting. And they're on their sleds. In fur coats! And everyone is happy, like little children! These are the glorious people that live in the wasteland!

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8 January 2019