Crossout Calendar — December

Hello, our loyal listeners!

This is an emergency broadcast from the “Wasteland Radio”! Our editors just received a letter with the December page of the Niko Pinelli calendar. And if you were expecting to see another smiling cutie there, I'm gonna have to disappoint you. December's page of the calendar shows us the author. There's an inscription on the back: “Last goodbye. The material is collected, the experiment is over. Here's a self-portrait as a gift. Nika”.

So, there is no tire manufacturer Niko Pinelli, there is a certain Nika. She made this calendar, slipped it to us and started a rumour about the Pinelli advertising campaign. But why? The answer is in the inscription: “the experiment is over, the material is collected”. What damn material? I don’t know about you, but I feel sick. Nika is not alone in the picture, she clearly has assistants. Is this some kind of sect of mad scientists? Or just psychopaths? Look at her tattoos, only a complete lunatic could come up with this. And the final part: “Last goodbye”. Does this mean that the secret experiments on humans are over? Or is the end coming for us? Keep your machine guns ready, dear listeners. And, I hope to hear from you next time.

You can download December's Crossout calendar from the project's official website in the “Wallpapers” section.

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27 November 2018