Three years since the start of testing

Hello, survivors! Today we celebrate two anniversaries at the same time — not only 3 years since the launch of the alpha version of Crossout but exactly one year since the doors of our game opened for everyone! Let's look back at the milestones in the life of the project.

So, 3 years ago we opened the doors to our first players in a closed alpha test.  After 2 months, the official website of the project was launched, and we managed to visit the two largest gaming exhibitions — E3 in Los Angeles and Gamescom in Cologne.

And in August, we started the first Battle Test, which lasted until September 9. The players not only quickly got used to the mechanics of Crossout, but also began to actively create, use and share their crafts.

The next important stage was Battle Test 2, that lasted about 3 months. Having giving access to more players, we also actively hosted various contests, one of which invited participants to create the best scenario for a PvE mode (future Raids).

In December 2015 we launched Battle Test 3, where we made a lot of changes into the game, with the main feature being the introduction of factions, that the players could join as they progressed in the game.

The second major innovation was a complete revision of the repair system — now the only parts with durability were parts of a complex type (weapons, equipment, etc.)

The last stage of the Battle Test lasted until April 5. It was on this day that the Closed Beta Test was launched. At the transition to this stage of the development of the game, we added a new map ‘Founders Canyon’, and players were given the opportunity to build formidable ‘Leviathans’ — powerful armored cars controlled by artificial intelligence.

During the CBT, we launched servers in the US and Canada, introduced three full-fledged game modes, updated the parts system, added support for clans and eliminated many in-game bugs.

And May 30, 2017 marked a really significant date in the history of Crossout — the long-awaited start of Open Beta Testing, which continues to this day.

Together with the start of testing Crossout appeared on the consoles. You can play on PS4 and Xbox One, just download the game through the official stores. In a year, the new audience became a full-fledged part of our community. In turn, Crossout for PC has become friendlier and more technologically advanced. In the summer of 2017 Crossout was released on Steam, and in July Crossout will stop support of DirectX 9 to concentrate efforts on the eleventh version. This will remove many technical limitations, and the game will become even more beautiful.

Over the past year, three factions joined the fight — Steppenwolfs, Dawn's Children and Firestarters. We also added new varied game modes — from the mad sandbox of ‘Bedlam’, to the swift ‘Big Black Scorpions’ and even the ‘Battle Royale’. Available game modes are displayed as icons on the global map. Now it is implemented as an interface element and makes the Wasteland world more realistic.

Crossout is constantly improving and changing in many ways thanks to you — the players who participated in the testing of the project.

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1 June 2018