Factory location panorama

In a remote area of ​​the forest stands a once-thriving chemical plant of one of the largest international companies. It used to be a city-forming enterprise. The small town, where the employees of the plant used to live, is located just a couple of kilometers away. After the disaster, the town is almost extinct. The few survivors abandoned it and founded several villages close by. The plant was left without care, and in the end turned into an acid-oozing ulcer, an endless source of hazardous chemicals and viruses. Constant raids of bandits in search of explosives further aggravated the situation. Now the area has become a place of permanent conflicts. The abandoned buildings and numerous underground storage cells still contain items necessary for survival and trade. The narrow passages between the hills can become a trap for lone raiders, and by getting close to the shore of a deadly acid lake drivers risk getting into the very epicenter of faction battles. And even if drivers do get out of there alive, they should never relax even for a minute unless they want to become victims of snipers lurking on the hilltops and hunting for lonely survivor vehicles.

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14 March 2016