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“Sanctuary” location panorama

The Syndicate rarely deals with outsiders and prefers to isolate themselves from the world in urban areas and skyscrapers. Unfortunately for them, it also means that pretty much anyone in the Wasteland knows where to look for the “dragons”. Because of this, the Syndicate leaders and officers often prefer to meet in more secluded and discreet locations. A small mountain sanctuary, built before Crossout by the Sinto corporation in the middle of the sharp cliffs, was a perfect place for these meetings. And the specially constructed shelter, located directly beneath it and extending through tunnels into the mountain massif, allowed the corporation’s most valuable research to be safely stored. Until recently, only the “dragons” knew about this place.

After the conflict with the Steppenwolfs, the situation began to change. The military tried its best to strike back at the Syndicate, but did not venture into their fortified cities, limiting themselves to raids. The sanctuary, however, remained undetected for a long time. And only with the advent of rotor-driven technology the military scouts could locate this hidden place in the mountains. The Syndicate managed to take down the uninvited guests without much effort, but it was clear that the place would no longer be safe. The “Dragons” quickly evacuated everything they could, and rumours of the new, still undisturbed land spread throughout the Valley. And soon the once quiet Sanctuary turned into yet another battlefield.


8 November 2023