'The Bridge' map updated panorama

Survivors! As the world of Crossout dynamically develops, and the battlefields are constantly being refined and become more detailed, we begin to update the panoramas of all locations in the game!  Today we present to you the improved version of the panorama for the map ‘Bridge’.


Immediately after the disaster, most major cities became completely unsuitable for life, but their ruins became one of the most important factors for survival of the new mankind. Only there you can still find something that helps a community or a whole faction to exist. But these resources are finite. And the more time passes, the more fierce the battles for the ruin approaches become.

Despite this, on the outskirts of cities you can still see traces of the government and the army's vain attempts to keep the situation under control in those most terrible days...

The checkpoint at the bridge is one of such monuments of the past time. And now it's impossible to know if the builders wanted to save the city from an invasion from the outside or to restrain whatever was breaking out.

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22 August 2017