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Changes to previously announced balance changes


The next update for Crossout is scheduled to be released this Thursday. This update will feature various balance changes (see the announcement here), which you could test on a special server. Based on the results of the testing, your feedback and suggestions, we are making a number of changes to the previously announced tweaks.

ATTENTION! Changes to all other parts from the first announcement, which are not mentioned in this news, remain unchanged.

Howl and Jockey

In addition to the previously announced changes, we are adding an improvement to the perks of both cabins: now the damage of weapons and drones increases, as long as there are enemy cars within a radius of 40 meters from you (instead of 25 meters earlier).


In addition to the increase in leg speed:

  • Now the switching time between the leg and wheel modes is 1.2 sec. (instead of 1.75 sec. earlier).
  • Increased the maximum rotation angle of the wheels by 25%.

Small track

Tonnage increased from 935 to 1060 kg.

Reinforced track

Tonnage increased from 1850 to 2100 kg.


Tonnage increased from 1650 to 1860 kg.

Armoured track

Tonnage increased from 4000 to 4550 kg.

Tank track

Tonnage increased from 4800 to 5400 kg.


Tonnage increased from 6000 to 6700 kg.

Meat grinder

Tonnage increased from 2800 to 3100 kg.

Comment: changing the tonnage of tracks and augers will reduce the requirement for the amount of movement parts on an armoured vehicle, and, as a result, free up additional mass for other parts and increase the mobility of such vehicles.


Additional change: reload time increased from 5 to 7 sec.


In addition to changing the perk:

  • Now, if the perk is active, but the vehicle remains in invisibility mode, the drones will not be released until the vehicle is visible again.
  • Perk cooldown time reduced from 30 to 25 sec.

Comment: a change that would cause the invisibility mode to block drone launches, will eliminate the cases where a vehicle was forced to become visible due to an ally appearing nearby and automatically launching a drone.


Now, if the perk is active, but the vehicle remains in invisibility mode, the drones will not be released until the vehicle is visible again.


In addition to the free rotation of the weapon around its axis:

  • Rotation speed increased by 125%.
  • Added an upgrade for increased weapon rotation speed (+10%).

Comment: the change makes the weapon more comfortable to use and expands the list of movement parts with which it can be used effectively. In order for “Fortune” to rotate around its axis, we also changed its physical model. Changing the model should not affect the previously assembled armoured vehicles.


  • Optimal range reduced from 150 to 120 m.
  • Maximum range reduced from 250 to 200 m.

Comment: when compared to other weapons of its rarity, this revolver showed an overestimated efficiency. 

See you this Thursday, survivors!


12 September 2023