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Crossout is the post-apocalyptic MMO Action game in which you can craft your unique battle vehicles from a myriad of interchangeable parts, ride them directly into combat and destroy your enemies in explosive PvP online battles in the air and on the ground.

Crossout Awards 2053

Well, well. Another year behind. A year filled with the smell of gasoline and burnt rubber. We went to the cold north and gave chases, accelerated to incredible speeds and even soared into the sky!

It's time to take a look at the best of the best, those who left their mark on the Wasteland forever!

Today we welcome Survivors from all over the Valley to the first Crossout Awards! Guests have already finished walking along our red carpet, so take your seats in the hall! We begin!

As one classic from a distant country said, “Art is an explosion!”
And where, if not in the Crossout Show, to see the best explosions captured by survivors in the heat of battle?

Our first nomination for today is “The Best Moment From the Crossout Show”! Oh, and it was not easy for our jury to select the best, because there were so many moments!

However, the best one was found! And it was the player called _FRenzY_ who perfectly caught the moment for an accurate shot in the "Big Black Scorpions" brawl!


By the way, all the winners will receive a great reward: a battle pass for the upcoming season!

But let's get back to more classic versions of the image of beauty. There are many artists among the inhabitants of the Wasteland. It's time to determine the winner in the category "Best Fan Art"! Among the works this year were:

  • Aleksandr Kulachkovich

  • Denis Knyazkin

  • Nikita Sakhar

And the best of the best — Rei Popov


And now about those who find their own approach to creating paintings. No less interesting and outstanding are the paintings that survivors create right in the game! In the nomination for “The Best Picture in the Game”, the jury paid attention to the works:

  • GigaChad by pm

  • Prismo by PotatoCream


And the best is Search 4 Fallen by IAGENTsI!

Hooray! All works are available at the exhibition and you can evaluate them right in the game! Don't forget to post yours with the "Art" tag - maybe in the future the reward will overtake you too!

We must not forget those who embody their inspiration in real objects. In the nomination for “The Best IRL Work” this year, reddit user D3F3ND3R16 and his diorama!

Laughter prolongs life! And what could be the best source of laughter in the Wasteland? Of course, memes! And the “Best Meme of the Year” is the one by reddit user noobadi3!

Moving on to the nominations for our favorite content creators! Create videos, show creativity and versatility - something that deserves respect!

First nomination for today: “Best Fragmovie”! You can show how strong you are in combat in different ways. But only the best of the best do it in such a way that the viewer with bated breath cannot tear himself away from the screen. And the best this year is that_guyfire with the “Crossout | Large Caliber” video!

Whether new to the Wasteland Survivors or seasoned pilots, it's always good to learn something new. Especially for them, the authors produce educational videos. TCS23 and its series of Tips and Tricks videos won the Crossout Awards 2023 nomination for “Best Educational Video”!

Let's move on to the main categories!

What is HYPE? Perhaps not only the number of views and likes, but something that left its response in the entire community, sometimes even changing the approach to the game.

HYPE of the Year” nomination! And the winner is JBRider with “FLYING ARTILLERY!”

Congratulations JB! Thank you for another year of great content and wish you continued creative success!

It's time to announce the “Best Streamer of the Year” according to the Crossout Awards.

Streaming is not as easy as it might seem. During live broadcasts, it's not enough to just show off your play - you need to create a show! To unite people around you and create really high-quality content. And High Potential becomes the “Best Streamer of the Year”!

Congratulations! Let the challenges run as easy as shelling pears and say hello to the chat!

And that concludes our ceremony! Thank you for another year spent in the Wasteland and see you soon!

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1 June 2023