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[PC][PS][Xbox] Crossout: operation “Radiance”

They are back! A new map, new Ravager vehicles, a new event with rewards, and the same adrenaline rush as in the operation “Red light” — all this awaits you in the operation “Radiance”!

Operation “Radiance”

Attention! Operation “Radiance” will be available until March 19 inclusive!

Key features:

  • Operation “Radiance” is a PvP-brawl where at first a small team of 2 “infected” players fight against a team of 10 regular players.
  • The operation takes place on a new map “Northern path” created specifically for this mode.
  • The survivors start the battle on their own armoured vehicles. The first ravager-players and the “infected” players use the preset vehicles.
  • There are certain conditions for the survivor vehicles. The PS of your armoured car must not be lower than 2000 and must not exceed 10000 and it should not have:
    • boosters;
    • fuel barrels or fuel tanks;
    • explosives (“Boom” or “Lancelot”);
    • harpoon “Skinner”;
    • cabin “Werewolf”.
  • The durability of the Ravager vehicles is initially low, but this is compensated by the fact that they have an unlimited number of respawns after destruction.
  • Ravager visors are their weak point. Destroying the visor will temporarily disable the machine.
  • Ravager vehicles are equipped with the “Argus” module, which will help them detect and destroy mines and other projectiles.
  • The goal of the survivors is to reach the final point of the location, completing all the tasks.
  • The Ravager team should prevent the second team from completing the tasks and “infect” as many players as possible.
  • Infection of a regular player occurs when he collides with an infected player.
  • Survivors can not only drive away from their enemies, but also try to destroy them at a distance. The main thing is to avoid contact with the enemy.
  • After being “infected”, the survivor joins the opposite team. Now his goal is to infect his former teammates.
  • The total number of points you earn directly depends on how efficiently you played. For example, if you actively helped the team complete tasks for survivors, but at the end you were infected, you will still get a sufficient amount of points, and your efforts will not go unrewarded. Actions for both the team of survivors and the team of infected will be counted.
  • The player is rewarded with scrap metal for each battle. The amount of scrap metal depends on the number of points scored at the end of the battle.

Rewards and the “Operation Radiance pass”

  • Until the end of the operation, you will have access to special challenges, the completion of which will be rewarded with event experience points.
  • Every day you will have access to 2 challenges. The first challenge can only be completed in the operation “Radiance”. The second challenge can be completed both in the operation “Radiance” and in any other mode.
  • Event experience points are required to unlock levels and receive rewards.
  • The base event rewards are available to all players without exception. They include:
    • New blueprints for the operation “Radiance”;
    • Containers with resources;
    • Engineer badges;
    • 50 in-game coins;
    • Container with a CK of your choice.
  • All additional rewards (marked with a lock icon on an orange background) are only available to those who have purchased the new “Operation Radiance pass”. Purchasing the pass gives you access to:
    • A special armoured car “Witcher” and all its parts. The vehicle (blueprint) and its parts remain with the player permanently;
    • 450 in-game coins;
    • Ability to produce certain parts during the event;
    • Already produced parts;
    • New CK;
    • Blueprint storages;
    • Stickers, paints and decor (including the ones for your range);
    • For each subsequent level starting from 36, you will receive the part “Iris” as a reward. Accumulated parts can be used on a special event workbench to produce other parts.

Attention! “Operation Radiance pass” will be available:

  • PC: with the start of the event until March 19 inclusive.
  • PlayStation®: with the start of the event until March 19 inclusive (purchased with crosscrowns in the in-game store).
  • Xbox: from February 21, 10:00 GMT, to March 19 inclusive.

New location “Northern path” for the operation “Radiance”


The brawl schedule has been changed:

  • Brawls are now weekend activities.
  • Each week, from Friday to Sunday, players have access to one brawl from the list:
    • For the Emperor!
    • Big black scorpions.
    • Artillery.
    • Mosquitoes!
  • Brawls from the list replace each other every week.
  • The schedule of brawls can be adjusted and changed. Please check the up-to-date information directly in the game.

Daily challenges

The chain of daily challenges for winning in raids has been replaced with a chain of challenges for dealing a certain amount of damage in any mode.

  • Redesigned the world map and the interface for selecting modes on the map.
  • Now the scope of artillery and “Clarinet TOW” changes colour depending on the colour of the standard scope selected in the game settings.
  • Improved convenience of using the exhibition:
    • The search by parts is now active by default.
    • Now the blueprint card shows the blueprint’s PS even when the cursor is not pointed on the card.
  • Improved the operation of the gamepad cross in the in-game menus and tabs.
  • Improved pointing and selection effects in the co-drivers section.

Due to technical reasons, it’s no longer possible to install more than 4 “Argus” modules on an armoured vehicle.

Comment: despite the limitation, the limit of 4 “Argus” modules per vehicle is still higher than the actual average number of such modules on players’ vehicles.

  • Fixed a bug where turning the camera could make it impossible to fire from the “Draco” flamethrower, even if there were no visual obstacles for firing.
  • Fixed an issue where the perk of the “Beholder” cabin had no sound effect.
  • Fixed incorrect display of long nicknames in windows with enemy armoured cars.
  • Fixed an issue where blueprints with the “Kaiju”, “Astraeus”, “Scorpion”, and “Adapter” weapons were tagged as “Energy weapons” on the exhibition.
  • Improved a number of in-game texts, descriptions and icons.


21 February 2023