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New Year Helicopter

Pshh… Come in! Attention all aircraft pilots! Pshh… Asap! I repeat: asap! All personnel must attend the armoured helicopter inspection by 09:00 GMT on January 6, 2053! Pshh... The armoured aircraft must be a copy of a real helicopter and must be decorated in a New Year’s fashion. The most festive, brightest and creative will receive a reward! Pshh... Over. Pshh…

Contest conditions:

  • Assemble a copy of a real existing helicopter and decorate it in the New Year style.
  • Upload it to the exhibition, include the tag AA_EN and the name of a real helicopter that your entry is based on in its name.
  • Entry submission: until 09:00 GMT on January 6, 2023

Among the participants, we will choose 10 entries the authors of which will receive 7 days of premium subscription and the “Pattern: Checkers” paint.

Good luck!

2 January 2023