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Coming Soon in Crossout — NVIDIA HBAO+!



We are confidently moving forward, constantly working on improving technology in the game and we are always happy to share new graphical options. The game world is getting better right before our eyes, which only makes us happier. Today we would like to share news about a new feature from the upcoming patch 0.7.20 — Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO).

In our case, NVIDIA HBAO+ technology is used. This technology is designed for fairly efficient graphics cards and will be available if your computer meets the recommended system requirements.

Here are a few screenshots where you can see the difference with SSAO disabled (as it is now in the game) and NVIDIA HBAO+ enabled at maximum quality (as in update 0.7.20):

Check this picture in high resolution

Check this picture in high resolution

Despite its name, NVIDIA HBAO+  is available not only on GPUs from NVIDIA. You can enable it on all video cards with DirectX 11 support. In addition, you will need to switch to the client with DirectX 11 support through the game's launcher.

How do you do it?

It's very simple! In the Launcher window, click on the DirectX version switch so that it matches the one shown below. We strongly recommend that you switch to the DirectX 11 version, even if your system does not support it. In this case, the DirectX 9 version of the client will start automatically.

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12 July 2017