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Reduced the time required to capture an enemy or neutral base!


Today and for the whole weekend, we are slightly adjusting the familiar rules of PvP battles.

We think that the majority of active players will agree that capturing a base in battles is not always seen as a priority for teams. This partly depends on the size of the map and the distance to the enemy base. But, more often than not, this process takes quite a long time.

That’s why we invite you to try out the battles with accelerated base capture process and evaluate how the gameplay and behavior of both your allies and opponents on the battlefield will change. From the evening of September 2 to the morning of September 5, the base capture process will be twice as fast! This change is relevant both for cases where the base is being captured by one player, and for cases when the base is captured by 3 players at once (the maximum number of players that increases the rate of base capture).

Attention! The change will be active from September 2, 12:00 GMT, until September 5, 05:00 GMT. The change is relevant only for the “Capture”, “Encounter” and “Control” modes. If necessary, the base capture rate can be changed or returned to the original rate ahead of schedule.

2 September 2022