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Crossout Art — September 2022

“The “Mandrake” shells are like the ball from the “Steel championship”: try getting in their way and... and you won’t get up again,” — the words of Psycho Pete and his failed attempts to replicate master Feng’s wise sayings.


It is no coincidence that we quoted this, ahem, “wise” saying of the Lunatic leader. Tomorrow, the “Steel Championship” will begin in the Wasteland — a real treat for all fans of thrills, action and, of course, football!

And “Mandrake” will become one of the weapons that will shine in new colors. Just imagine what kind of havoc you could unleash on the enemy with increased projectile accuracy and large puddles of fire!

The new artwork for September, as well as many other wallpapers, can be viewed and downloaded here.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the start of the “Steel championship” tomorrow!

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31 August 2022