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Winners of the "MOTOrization" contest

Hello everyone, survivors!
A contest where participants had to create the most interesting motorbike art build, has just recently finished. The winners have already been determined, and all of them were rewarded with a "Biter" pack, and now we invite you to take a look at their entries!

Winners' entries:

No_Skill_55ru R0ck_and_Play Riffmach
Batangenius oODesertEagleOo RawBM22 (PlayStation)
Claw drullie TuskaDemonKilla

There were also other great entries whose authors were given a consolation prize of 300 coins:

_LaurensVS _Malmurral_ AlexGrayFox
el_werto TOCTEP_69 K_Z_Mantiss
MrJeku SeargentPhil TOORIKU
5 May 2022