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Crossout Update 0.7.0


Survivors! Today we invite you to get acquainted with the details of the next update, in which we continue improving various aspects of the game. In the update we refined the parts system, blueprints descriptions and Raid balancing.



Big wheels for every aspiring Scavenger!

  • Building parts ‘Large wheel’ and ‘Large wheel ST’ is available upon reaching level 3 with Scavengers.

Appearance of Scavenger parts has become even more impressive!

  • Improved appearance for a number of structural parts.


  • Tweaked the list of parts obtained at level 1.   



  • Tweaked difficulty of some raids
    • Scavenger and Lunatic armored cars have been switched in the 4th and 5th Defence waves.
    • Increased pause before the first wave at the third pumpjack in Defence mode by 10 seconds on easy and medium difficulty.




Autocannon 'AC43 Rapier'

  • Increased burst length to overheating from 11 to 14 shots.
  • Reduced cooling time from 3.0 to 2.7 seconds.

Turret cannon ‘Little Boy 6LB’

  • Weapon structure increased from 333 to 413.
  • Increased weapon accuracy. Maximum movement scatter reduced to 33%.
  • Weapon mass increased from 675 to 837 kg.

‘Sidekick’ drone

  • Drone structure increased from 150 to 200.

‘Spectre-2’ machine gun.

  • Damage reduced by 15%.

We’ve reduced damage of ‘Spectre-2’ machine gun, because currently it’s the most popular and effective epic weapon. This reality doesn’t correspond with the idea of the game about diversity and construction. There are lots of awesome weapons and modules in the game, and we want players to use them as well.

Homing missile ‘Pyre’

  • Missile turn speed increased by 20%.

Due to low turn speed of missiles, even heavy armoured cars were able to dodge them or hide. We’ve decided to raise the turn speed in order to make missiles more effective against heavy vehicles, as it was planned.

‘Mandrake’ Howitzer
‘And everyone feared her wrath, burning everything in its path...’

  • Impact areas now have burning puddles dealing damage

The unique weapon of ‘Steppenwolfs’ faction showed pretty low effectiveness in battle and that was not in accordance with our plans. We want the ‘Mandrake’ to be the weapon of support, that could control the territory and wouldn’t allow enemies to maneuver freely. Napalm puddles won’t allow your opponents to stand still on their positions.

Special Modules

‘Fuel barrel’

  • Damage from a fuel barrel explosion reduced to 450 pts.

‘Fuel tank’

  • Added a new module of blue rarity ‘Fuel tank’.
  • When a battle is successfully completed and the module survives, it gives 10 fuel units.
  • Built by Engineers.

Currently, the fuel income from mounting both ‘Fuel barrel’ and ‘Fuel Tank’ stacks! This can be a subject to change in the next updates.




  • Improved tactical map images.

Quick messages

  • Improved the quick message system
    • Pressing a button brings up a quick message menu.
    • By default, the menu is assigned to the ‘V’ key.
    • Each message is assigned to its own button.
    • The quick message buttons override the control buttons.
    • The authors of the messages are briefly displayed on the minimap.

Debriefing window

  • The list of players has been improved.


  • Improved icons for weapon customization kits.


  • Improved Drivers interface.
  • ‘Gunner’ renamed into ‘Stone-deaf’.
  • Added driver icons.
  • Added driver skills icons.

We want players to understand what parts they upgrade, what parts they use for upgrades and what the conditions for this or that upgrade are.

  • Removed the mechanic of autocompleting part slots for upgrades.
  • Improved descriptions of the upgrade mechanic.



Tweaked ‘Founders Canyon’ map.
Quite often on this map, teams avoided fighting and went straight to capture the enemy base. We think that this did not fit the spirit of the game.

  • Changed the layout of the map.
  • The map's landscape has been improved.
  • Positions of a number of objects have been adjusted.

The map ‘Rock City’ has been improved.

  • Improved appearance.

The map ‘Desert Valley’ has been improved.

  • Improved appearance.

The map ‘Eastern Array’ has been improved.

  • Extended passageways on the map.

The map ‘Dead Highway’ has been improved.

  • Extended passageways on the map.


  • Improved a number of text strings.
  • Improved hit effects for sand.
  • Improved effects for cannon shell impact.
  • Improved sound effects for rocket boosters.
  • Improved saw sounds.
  • Improved machine gun turret sounds in ‘Raid’.
  • Improved the sound of sliding wheels on asphalt.
  • Put Khaki paint names in proper order.
  • ‘Gazelle’ bumper renamed into ‘Off Road bumper’.
  • Added description of Clarinet TOW missile manual controls.
  • The descriptions for faction blueprints have been improved.             

Bug fixes

  • Improved truck behavior in ‘Escort’ mode.
  • Trading window has been improved.The ‘Buy’ button no longer overlaps with the text below.
  • Say ‘No’ to clipping through textures and taking advantage of it! Fixed some bugs with textures on maps.
  • Fixed ‘Invalid Leviathan state’ error, where it was impossible to send a Leviathan into battle.
  • Fixed a rare bug with fog in the Garage.
  • Fixed a bug with Hell Pipes exhaust effect
  • Fixed a bug with scrap icon in the daily reward window.

This patchnote reveals all the key in-game changes and doesn't include all the fixes. Changes, that are aimed at improvement of Crossout, appear constantly and may not require their own patch.

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20 June 2017