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Mountain village

The secluded village in the mountains was a great refuge for nature enthusiasts: fishermen, foresters, hunters, and just for the people who were tired of the urban turmoil. The ski resort nearby provided the village with a steady flow of tourists, which allowed the residents to live comfortably all year round.

When Crossout happened, the village quickly became deserted and years later has almost retained its original appearance, thanks to its remoteness from civilization. This year, Fireman Henry wandered in there by accident. The atmosphere and nature impressed him so much that the former firefighter decided to organize a holiday for the Valley inhabitants here. He prepared presents and went to the Engineers to notify everyone about the holiday through them. After Henry gathered the survivors and returned to the village, it turned out that Gronch learned about the celebration. He led the Ravagers there, and by the time Henry arrived, they had already managed to get their manipulators on the presents.

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17 December 2021