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“Slaughter” brawl is already available!


Today, a new brawl in the “Team deathmatch” format was launched in Crossout. Here are the main rules and features of this mode:

  • Battles are held in the “6 vs 6” format.
  • Vehicles from 5000 to 6000 PS can take part in the battle.
  • Vehicles with explosives (spears), fuel barrels,tanks and / or with a Tusk cabin cannot participate in this brawl.
  • It is impossible to enter the mode as part of a group.
  • Goal: your whole team must score 5000 points faster than the opposing team.
    • Each player accumulates points for destroying parts and armoured vehicles of opponents. The points of the players within the same team are added to the team score.
    • If the required number of points is not scored within the allotted time, the victory is awarded to the team with the most points.
    • If at the end of the time the score is equal, a draw will be announced.
  • Players of the same team appear on the map in random places, but always see allies on the radar.
  • Respawns are enabled in the brawl: after being destroyed, your armoured car will reappear on the battlefield after some time.
  • Battles are held on the following maps:
    • “Abandoned town”;
    • “Ravagers foothold”;
    • “Chemical plant”.
  • The self-destruction mechanic has been improved specifically for this mode: in the “Slaughter” brawl you can self-destruct only after losing your weapons or most of the movement parts.
  • A weekly challenge to reach the winning places in brawls can be completed in “Slaughter”. The first 4 places in terms of points scored in the winning team are considered to be the “winning places”.

In “Slaughter”, in addition to scrap metal, you can also get Engineer badges, which can then be exchanged for the resources or container you need. The badges are awarded for completing each of 2 consecutive daily challenges.

The mode will be available until September 19 inclusive.

Good luck in battles!

Small update, 09.09.2021

The amount of score needed to win increased from 5000 to 10000.

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3 September 2021