Radio “Voice of the Wasteland”

You’ve probably forgotten me altogether, but here I am!

My name is Alex Murch and this is another episode of a summary about ridiculous adventures from the only radio station in the Wasteland that hosts its broadcasts via text.

Last time we decided to stay in an abandoned garage and the majority of readers chose the option “Check the echo in the garage”. Well, I did:

It’s not all gold that shines.
Not everyone who sings is happy.

Nothing. Zero. Silence. The walls are wet, the holes are too big. If there ever was an echo, it occured long before me. I lowered my head in sadness and had to go home. I didn’t take a picture of that girl, there was nothing interesting in the garage and even an echo let me down! Physics, you heartless...! But apparently, the Wasteland has its own view about this science.

But there’s good news as well, I made a friend! Or was it she who met me? We are still figuring this out. Everything started very simply. You’ve probably already heard that the new football championship on armoured cars is coming soon. So: I, being a true fan, bought a lot of fireworks, flags and other attributes for a comfortable sitting on the stadium, and then she appeared... Well, she didn’t exactly appear... She drove into the tent in her armoured car, grabbed the first box with the fireworks, laughed in my face and jumped back into the cabin. But she couldn’t leave, because the wheel got entangled in ropes and rags. I couldn’t leave a lady in trouble!

That’s how I met Paris. I cut the ropes and rags off the wheel while she was giggling and chasing the tent’s salesman and a couple of bystanders who decided to stand up for him with a stick. At the time, I didn’t yet know whose sister she was, and I was just glad that I had some acquaintances in the neighborhood, except for the tent sellers. She also got tickets for really great seats in the stadium...By the way, maybe you saw her too? Here is her photo:

In the meantime, while you’re admiring Paris, maybe you can choose what we should do next?

  1. Go to the football game;
  2. Replace the generator in the armoured car;
  3. Write to Valla;
  4. We will go on a trip for a month;
  5. Sunbathe on the roof.

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19 July 2021