[PC] Crossout 0.12.65. Crossout Day

We wish all the survivors of the Wasteland a happy “Crossout Day”! This update introduces a special mode with commemorative rewards, the ability to exchange non-tradable parts for upgrade stabilizers and the return of raids with the Scavengers!

Crossout Day

Attention! The event will last until June 6 inclusive!

This year, to celebrate the 6th anniversary of Crossout, we’ve prepared a special mode that incorporates your favourite moments from different brawls:

  • “Crossout Day” is a confrontation similar to the “Free for all” brawl, where the player has no allies. You are surrounded by enemies and you need to destroy as many of them as possible!
  • Players participate in the battle on pre-prepared cars, but these cars are special this time. All armoured vehicles in battle were created by the players, by both individual masters and game communities.
  • Just like in the Winter and Spring mayhem or in the “Dronopocalypse” brawls, you can choose the vehicle on which you will continue fighting: there will always be 3 random, blueprints to choose from.
  • Many blueprints will still have the nicknames of the authors and original build names! You can see all this information on the blueprint selection screen.
  • The battle takes place on a special map that was created specifically for this event.

Commemorative rewards for participating in the brawl

You will receive memorable stickers and a unique hologram for completing the following tasks:

  • Participate in the “Crossout Day” brawl 6 times. Reward: 1 unique sticker “Crossout day 2051”.
  • Deal 36,000 damage in the “Crossout day” brawl. Reward: 1 unique sticker “Craft Ride Destroy”.
  • Find yourself among the top 4 players in the “Crossout day” brawl for 6 times. Reward: unique hologram “Crossout”.

Free gift

In addition to a special mode, each player who enters the game during the week will be able to get a new unique attraction for the range, allowing you to measure the damage from your weapons (yes, the analogue of useful and already familiar “Absorption sphere”) as well as 3 days of premium subscription!

Attention! To receive the gift you need to enter the game from May 27, 07:00 GMT, until June 6, 23:59 GMT, and accept it in a special window in the right corner of the screen!

Exchange of non-tradable parts for upgrade stabilizers

Now each survivor can exchange unnecessary non-tradable parts obtained from containers for upgrade stabilizers.

  • To obtain a stabilizer instead of a non-tradable part, select this part in your storage, open the context menu and select the “Salvage” tab. Salvaging process does not happen automatically - before it begins, you will be able to see what you will get as a result and confirm your decision.
  • The stabilizer obtained for salvaging corresponds to the rarity of the salvaged non-tradable part. For a rare non-tradable part, you will receive one rare stabilizer. For a special non-tradable part, you will receive one special stabilizer, etc.
  • Please note that non-tradable paints, stickers, parts of “common” rarity, as well as parts that have been restored to your account via technical support cannot be exchanged for stabilizers.


Based on the players suggestions, additional armoured vehicles were added for raiders in battles for 10,000+ PS.


Raids with the “Scavengers” have been returned to the rotation.

Now in the graphics settings, you can enable/disable traces of shell marks on environmental objects (the “Shell hit marks” tab).

  • Improved the “Tank headlight” decor painting mask.
  • “Tank track” was added to the auto-assembly function.

  • Fixed a bug with the disappearance of a part of the location “Syndicate garage” when some of the tall builds exited the garage.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect value of the penalty to power in the possible results of fusing chassis.
  • Improved a number of texts, descriptions and icons.

Small update, 31.05.2021

  • Fixed a bug with the absence of enemy cars display at the beginning of the round in Clan battles
  • Improved the sounds of large shells hitting vehicles.

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27 May 2021