Special version of El Diablo Gorge (“Dronapocalypse”)


Those of you who have already taken part in the event “Dronapocalypse”, already noticed that the familiar location “El Diablo Gorge” has been transformed specifically for large-scale battles of small drones.

All the additional covers, trampolines, driveways and bridge in the center have been added taking into account the fast and slightly crazy gameplay of this brawl. Small and frail drones need to constantly maneuver and use tricks to get to the enemy Leviathan or get away from particularly annoying opponents who don’t want to let the enemy go.

For those who have already perfectly mastered the role of a drone, we can offer a new challenge - destroying a leviathan with style. A number of times, we have witnessed survivors fly spectacularly off ramps onto the enemy iron monster and inflict enormous damage in flight.

And if you have cool moments from this brawl, share them in the comments! We’d love to see them.

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7 April 2021