Adopt the Syndicate style

The Syndicate is here, and many survivors eye them with interest. Some find their style irresistible! 
So here is a contest for those who find the Syndicate’s style worth adopting: build a vehicle fitting for the Syndicate — you’ve seen their rides. You can use any parts from any faction — whatever you have at hand in your inventory. 
Post a screenshot of your Syndicate-style build in your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account with a #XO_syndicraft hashtag. 
Attention! The post has to include the #XO_syndicraft hashtag and it shouldn’t have any privacy restrictions, otherwise we won’t be able to see your creation and add it to the pool of contestants!

The deadline for posting your works is 7:00 am UTC on February 25! The Crossout administration will select the winners and announce the results on February 25. 
Our prizes:
1st prize: Microphone Mantis GXT 232 for streaming + "Lord of War" pack.
2d prize: Microphone Mantis GXT 232 for streaming + "Japanese bonus" pack.
3d prize: "Lord of War" pack.
Also, we’ll randomly select 3 entries and award a "Japanese bonus" pack to each of them.
Contest rules:

  • Your entry should be created specifically for this competition.
  • One player - one entry! If a participant posts several entries, only the last one will be judged.
  • Your entry shouldn’t feature offensive symbols, text, or erotic content.
  • Your entry shouldn’t contradict the game rules and terms of use.
  • Participants presenting someone else’s work as their own will be disqualified.
  • The contest organizers reserve the right to change the terms of the contest at any time.

Good luck!


18 February 2021