Speed! Speed!


Many people know that from the autumn of 2016 players were organizing racing events in the ‘Escort’ raid first one way, then — the other. With each day, the rules became more complex, other raids were added, players came up with different circuits, where they competed without any prizes. Some — for the right to be the coolest racer. Others — to build the most efficient racing car. Yet others — to organize races with heavy armoured vehicles without boosters. And some raced simply because speed is great!

We are developing a mode specifically designed for those who believe that cars are built for speed.


So, what is it? On the maps, which we all remember from bloody battles against other players and Raiders, you can now find special gates that you need to pass through. Of course, these gates do not form a perfect circle, so players will not have to just go around the map's perimeter. The tracks are marked with special signs. But in many cases, the tracks fork, allowing you to choose the route to the next checkpoint.


The player's objective is to complete three laps faster than anyone else. When the winner crosses the line, the remaining players continue to fight for the other places. The higher the position, the higher the reward.

But if you think that you can just destroy your opponents, you're in for disappointment: the rules of racing prohibit the use of weapons. Therefore, even if there is a gun on a vehicle during the race, it is not powered and using it will not do anything.

Be careful in turns, flipping your vehicle means death! Although specifically for racing, we have reduced the time it takes to flip yourself back over, so that even if you make a mistake, you will have a chance to catch up with your opponents.

Needless to say, this is not the final version of racing mode. It will be tweaked and improved many times!

That is all for now, and good luck on the road!

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12 April 2017