[PC] Ex Machina 15th Anniversary event


To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the iconic game Ex Machina, we are announcing a themed event that will begin at 15:00 GMT on December 11 in collaboration with the Flame Raiders fan community. Show your skills and compete for great rewards!

What awaits you

  • Battles in the “Free for all” game mode. The winner will be determined after 8 minutes of the battle or after 10 kills made by one of the players.
  • There will be no draw. If the amount of kills and deaths is equal, the winner will be determined in an additional battle. And if the forces are equal there, the arguing players leave the event.
  • Driving legendary vehicles. For battles, you will be given special armoured vehicles similar to the models from the “Ex Machina” game. Let’s remember the glorious past!


How to participate
To participate in the event, you must register for it at flameraiders.com/tournaments. Check out this guide to find out:

  • how to create an account on the website;
  • how to apply for participation;
  • troubleshooting.

You can apply for participation on a special page until December 10, 20:59 (GMT). Hurry up!


  • Only the players with Crossout accounts on the PC platform can participate in the event.
  • The event is organized by Targem Games.
  • The number of players is not limited.
  • The battles will take place on the servers of the “Russian” region.
  • The interaction of the event assistants with the players is carried out through the in-game chat.
  • To enter the battle, players must accept an invitation to the Custom Battle lobby from the event assistant. If this is not done, the player will be credited with a technical defeat.
  • The event assistant does not contact through the in-game chat and does not invite the player again if he is in the queue for a battle, in a battle, is in a group, or is already in another “Custom battle” lobby.
  • If a technical issue occurs during the battle, the battle is replayed in full. A technical issue is the case when the event organizer did not receive the results of the battle, the battle results screen was not displayed, or if the server “crashed”.
  • The event assistant makes the final decisions on disputable situations. The assistant must inform the players about the decision on such situations through the in-game chat.
  • Players must follow the game rules and the requirements of the License Agreement.
  • The organizer of the event reserves the right to change its rules. Players will be notified of this via the official forum.


Show everyone what you are capable of and get valuable rewards:

  • 1st place — “Wholesale Recall” pack *.
  • 2nd place — 350 coins *.
  • 3rd place — 150 coins *.

* Rewards will be credited within a week after the end of the event.

In collaboration with players
We have prepared this event together with the Flame Raiders community.

Flame Raiders is a community of players that has been organizing tournaments for three years. By participating in tournaments, you can get new sensations and emotions from the game, as well as valuable rewards!

Community resources:

7 December 2020