Selection of armored vehicles from the Crossout exhibition


The weekly selection of armored vehicles from the wasteland engineers is here again! This time we chose the best racing cars. Their authors can preserve the vehicle’s beauty and aesthetics by using not more than 80 parts.

In this selection you can get acquainted not only with the classic muscle-car variations - the futuristic builds that have been created on the ruins of the old world are also presented here.

All entries are selected by our player _FLEXUS_, in cooperation with Targem.

Build: New blueprint 32, author: _FoX_HeKPoMaHT_​ Build: Big Block Chevy, author: MoparMoose​ Build: Shelby Cobra, author: Calvatore​
Build: accord euro_R, author: zerx77​ Build: Lambo LP800, author: GunAce​ Build: Firebird 68, author: RokHanBot​

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19 November 2020