Air Shaman

Seeker We-E’s report on searching for the Air Shaman.

It is difficult to find the Air Shaman- he practically leaves no traces.The Order knows that he travels the Wasteland and collects parts for his “Iron Claw” armoured vehicle. I started preparing and soon my sources reported that the “claw” had recently been seen in the Valley, and I hit the road.

A local engineer said that a few days ago, an armored car with blue reflections was seen on the edge of a canyon nearby. Having traveled around the gorge along the edge, I went down, but got lost because of the rising sandstorm. The hurricane died down only when it got dark. I was to spend the night among stones and cold wind.

A cave, where I even managed to drive in on an armored car, become a salvation - I decided to spend the night there. Turn of the key. The engine stalled and the doors opened. Now, in the silence, the sounds of someone's presence were clearly audible. I went towards the noise and soon saw the dim light of the fire. Someone resembling a human sat above it, bending over. His clothes were studded with feathers, making him look like an eagle.

— The spirits brought you here, Seeker. I do not believe in coincidences, — said the feathered one, and it became clear that the Air Shaman was in front of me.

“Eagle” invited me to the fire with a gesture and held out a bowl with a strange smelling greenish liquid. Having taken a sip, I returned it. 

— Such cacti grow only in this canyon. They help communicate with spirits.

Only now the Shaman's eyes began to be visible to me: as if glowing with a bluish flame from within. He looked at her and said:

— Everything will be fine, Magellan. I will help. 

Suddenly it became very calm. The eyes seemed to have closed themselves and a starry sky appeared in front of me. It seemed as if I was flying and see the whole Valley, every survivor, every bush and even shell casings lying in the sand. Happiness for the beauty of the world and pain for its cruelty were filling me and were unusually understandable.

I woke up on the roof of the armoured car, not far from the entrance to the cave. The sun was shining. It seemed that everything was a dream, but then a feather stuck in the ground nearby flashed in my eyes. And then another one, and another... With their help, I managed to drive out of the canyon. The shaman really helped. These guiding feathers remained as a memory of meeting him, but what I managed to feel in this cave back then was more valuable.

The “Air Shaman” portrait is currently not available to players. It could be obtained in the “Born to Fly” pack.

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16 November 2020