Hard Truck Apocalypse Cars


And so we had craftsmen with the golden touch, with eagle eyes, which they hid behind welding goggles. When they entered the room, they smelled of thick engine oil, when they entered the garage, lights turned on by themselves, and welding tools threw a welcome spark. Having already built all the latest vehicles, they began to think about what machines would look like in the future. Vala the fortune teller from Keyhole told them about machines that would travel the roads of the world in the future. And they decided to cheat time.



Gridshake chose a tough combat vehicle. He assembled what would later be called the ‘Fighter’. A robust machine designed for raids and heists. Gridshake dreamed of starting a gang, but his car was of little use: as the rumours of his approach spread across the land, all trade routes were deserted and all peasants fled, burning their shacks.

Out of despair Gridshake went northwest to fight  the bandits. A few months later he returned in a different vehicle and hasn't touched the terrifying ‘Fighter’ since.



Tasalit preferred speed, and so he built the ‘Scout’. The small and nimble machine with a single machine gun was almost indestructible when Tasalit carefully drove it from the crevices directly behind a raider convoy, shot it up, and instantly disappeared among the rocks. He still shares this blueprint of a quick and deadly machine with everyone willing to build it. He officially named it ‘Adventurer light’.



Tugodoomer loved building more than fighting. That's why he made the greatest number of vehicles from the future future. Just like Tasalit, he built a ‘Scout’, but he did not stop there. He was attracted to bigger sizes. He was intrigued by the bulldozer. It reminded him of construction machinery that wouldn't let him sleep, driving through the streets of the city at night.

He welded on bumpers in place of the scoop and drove his harvester to the closer villages to look for a buyer. As a result, Bulldozer can now be seen around the ship graveyard, since it was involved in scrapping the old ships.



Tugodoomer quickly saw the benefits of uncomplicated and reliable cargo vehicles. Soon after he assembled the perfect build there was no stopping the buyers: every village wanted a truck like this. Eventually Tugodoomer just hired people to copy his blueprint and sell the blueprints instead of the vehicle. To this day it is still the standard wasteland vehicle.



Tugodoomer didn't even have to listen to Vala to build the Ural — he knew it from the days when he served in the old world army. The indestructible rough terrain truck was a great solution for the shattered roads of the wasteland. And the scorpion mounted on the cab provided optimum firepower without recoil that would inevitably overturn the truck.



‘Knight’ was assembled by a man known as the Photographer, although he added two digits to his name: 7 and 3. Nobody knew what they meant. Yet there was a small smiling face on his rear-view mirror. The Photographer called it his ‘good cacodemon’. He traveled the known world (said to extend far to the east) on his ‘Knight’, lovingly fixed it when it broke down and always brought photographs of distant lands back to Central.

Of course, these are not all the people who assembled the vehicles of the future. There were many others. But that’s is a different story.

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10 February 2017