Crossout Update 0.3.15


Survivors! Active preparations for the start of open project testing are ongoing. Our engineers have changed characteristics of the majority of structural parts. Part models and their characteristics will be further corrected in future updates.

The world of Crossout is divided into factions, and we strive to preserve and emphasize the unique qualities of each faction. The difference must be substantial not only in appearance but in characteristics of each part belonging to a particular faction.

  • ‘Lunatics’ faction
    • This faction produces light maneuverable vehicles moving at top speed, making them extremely difficult targets for ranged weapons.
    • Most grilles no longer let damage through.
    • Since parts now take on all damage and are considered as whole, they are 80% stronger and heavier.
  • ‘Nomads’ faction
    • This faction builds vehicles with average speed and durability. They can protect their cars from medium damage, however, they can't boast Lunatic-like agility.
    • Part mass did not match their size. As a result, mass of most parts has been increased by 50%.
  • ‘Engineers’ faction
    • Features of their vehicles are similar to Nomads, but they are more powerful.
    • Depending on the size, part mass has been increased by 25%.
    • Structure of various parts has been increased by 10-60%.
  • ‘Scavengers’ faction
    • Build the heaviest, clumsiest, but certainly the most durable armored vehicles.
    • Structure was reduced by 25%, or remained unchanged.
    • Mass of some parts has been increased by 15-45%.
  • Suspension
    • Balanced Power Score between all types of wheels and tracks.
    • Power Score of wheels or tracks now depends on size and rarity. Power Score increases with increased part size and rarity.
  • Bumpers
    • Power Score for bumpers is now brought in line with their characteristics.

Cabin balance

  • Truck cabin
    • Reduced maximum speed.
    • Reduced maximum speed without an engine.
    • Reduced engine power.
  • ‘Wyvern’ cabin
    • Increased tonnage.
    • Increased critical mass.
    • Increased engine power.
  • Buggy cabin
    • Increased tonnage.
    • Increased critical mass.
    • Significantly increased engine power.

Relic weapons 
Since the continuous stream of uranium ore has started, engineers all over the world began to use it for production of their most powerful weapons. 

  • Now all relic weapons are produced with uranium ore. We also increased the number of parts required for production of relic weapons. 
  • Increasing the amount of raw materials in production has reduced the number of Legendary Items, thrown into the smelter.
  • Now the creation of a relic item requires two legendary items.
  • PA ‘Scorpion’ blueprint — 1000 copper, 1000 electronics, 1000 wires, 150 uranium ore, 100 ‘Scorpion’ parts, ‘Apollo’ generator, ‘Hammerfall’ shotgun.
  • ‘Porcupine’ minelayer blueprint — 1000 copper, 1000 electronics, 1000 wires, 150 uranium ore, 100 ‘Porcupine’ parts, ‘Hurricane’ launcher, ‘Retcher’ launcher.
  • ‘Firefly’ flamethrower blueprint — 1000 copper, 1000 electronics, 1000 wires, 150 uranium ore, 100 ‘Firefly’ parts, ‘Mammoth’ cannon, Harvester.


  • ST-M23 Defender — durability reduced by 20%.
  • Cricket1M — increased durability. Increased mass. Increased ammo reserves by 2 volleys.
  • Spitfire — durability reduced by 10%.
  • Buzzsaw — damage increased by 10%.
  • Executioner 88mm — durability reduced by 10%.
  • Scorpion — damage increased by 20%.
  • Porcupine — damage reduced by 20%.
  • GL-55 Impulse — damage increased by 10%. Slightly reduced impulse.
  • Lancelot — damage reduced by 20%.
  • Retcher — damage reduced by 10%.
  • Boosters — power consumption is reduced to 1 unit.
  • Missile turret — durability reduced by 20%.
  • All active melee weapons — damage resistance in collisions increased by 15%.


  • Weapon PS now depends on rarity and energy consumption.
  • Autonomous combat units (drones and turrets) now need time to prepare for battle (2 seconds).
  • Wheel turning speed now depends on vehicle mass.
  • Wheel friction now depends on the slope angle: the higher the angle, the lower the friction.
  • Improved names and descriptions of several decor items.
  • Improved some mission descriptions.
  • Improved behaviour of wheeled vehicles in a skid.
  • Activation of drones and turrets now removes invisibility.
  • Epic miniguns ‘MG13 Equalizer’ are now taken into account when performing daily tasks.
  • Improved drone response to nearby explosions.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed text errors.
  • Fixed description of ‘Reloading’ upgrade for Wasp, Executioner 88mm, ZIS-34 Fat Man,The Hurricane.
  • Fixed description of ‘Full range’ upgrade for ‘Radar-detector’ module.
  • Fixed a bug where vehicles with a hybrid chassis could not move in some cases.
  • Fixed description of cooling modules, cooldown time now increases together with overheat time.
7 February 2017