Radio “Voice of the Wasteland”

And I'm sending an SOS signal! Some smart guys figured me out by the radio frequencies. Well, they almost did. They found the tower I was connecting to, and now they have a search area less than a hundred kilometres in diameter. Sure, the rocky terrain is a huge obstacle. And the station doesn't have a neon sign. But I'm not going on air this time. Text only, hardcore only.

In such cramped conditions, I did not take any chances and collect all the letters thrown nearby and grabbed only one — in Vala's special envelope, I'm sorry. So far, no news from the Rat King about the tales and no top comments from you. Though we all know that you only want to hear them.

At least this time I don't have to read it — you'll see for yourself.

“Listen, Murch. Here's the thing. She first wrote the text, then told me to black some letters out. No idea why. This time I don't even want to make fun of you. This feels like some kinda bullying. Ha! Gotcha. I did this myself since it was kind of easy last time. But there's a bright side — we almost found what we were looking for, there's only a couple of days left to go.

I s#e a huge #eas#
He o#ene# #i# #aw
He'll come to your place
And world #il# ##ansfor#

But I did not spoil the picture, just did not have the spirit.”

While I was writing this address to all of you survivors, I came up with something.

There's a wonderful echo in the mountains. Maybe if you scream loud enough, they'll be scared? No, naturally, a dangerous group of raiders will not run away from me alone. What if there's a lot of people screaming? This is going to be the most bloodless battle if we win!

All right, then. In the comments to this post on FB use the hashtag #xo_radio, and I, should we win over the uninvited guests, will give 10 random survivors 100 coins each. Deal? Just don't let me down, don't let this issue be the last!

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16 September 2020