Radio “Voice of the Wasteland”

Hello! Radio “Voice of the Wasteland” is back on the air, and this is your host, Alexander Murch.

And what do I have for you today? Not that much — the menu is really modest today. And this despite the fact that there are enough letters to build a shed for storing these very letters.

And we will start with the noise that these ravens have made. Excuse me, Ravens. They can't find me anyway. Heh-heh-heh.

So they brought new goodies to the market, it's crazy right now, wow! You can hear a buzz a few miles from the entrance. Someone bought something at an old price, someone — at a new price, someone bought something more expensive, someone swears at vendors, and someone quietly bought updates and happily rides across the Wasteland. I love these days, though. Life starts buzzing right away.

The second news for today is there's an answer from the Rat King. And… he's willing to sponsor a full-fledged survivors' tales contest! No more battles with personal messages — everything on the forums and several winners. Details should arrive literally within the next week. So prepare your pens, papers, or whatever you write on, and follow the news closely.

So what's a broadcast without a letter from Vala? I will tell you, and only you, secretly, that I go on air only for the sake of spreading these messages. Just hush, let's keep it between us ;)

Um. Well, actually, that's all. Apart from a couple of photo cards that could help solve the riddle, but… business as usual. See for yourself, maybe you have ideas on the riddle from Vala — then be sure to write them in comments and letters to the radio station.

Speaking of comments. Thank you for all the kind words and recommendations you wrote after the recent broadcast of the “Voice of the Wasteland”, they really make lonely evenings on this station much more enjoyable. But since I don't have any more news, I'll see you later!

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8 September 2020