Panorama of the updated “Powerplant” map

Once the powerplant supplied cheap, though not very clean, electricity to a neighbouring city, a chemical plant and many small villages. After the disaster, it remained a source of light and heat for the inhabitants of the Valley for some time. And when coal reserves ran out, it turned into a terminal for brave souls going towards the Sepulchre.

Today, the powerplant is a fragment of the former glory of Knight riders, the knechte. After a devastating defeat in the battle with Ravens, the remnants of Martin's army fled and settled in this territory. Broken and desperate, they have found their last refuge here and hope to preserve the fragile fragments of their culture.

They have lost their leader and with him the purest dream of the promised land. Having settled on the station near which, according to rumours, Martin was born, the knechte grieve for the untimely death of their talented leader. And every day they worship him more and more…

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23 June 2020