[PS4] [Xbox] Small update, 08.06.2020


  • Raiders of the Firestarters faction are now available in raids.
  • You can now complete new trials and get new patches associated with the Firestarters faction raiders.


  • Fixed an issues where it was impossible to use an already rented workbench without an extra charge.
  • Fixed an issues where the production cost on legendary workbenches was 15 coins (now — 75 coins).
  • Now, when unlocking the next recipe in a season, a button appears in the event interface that takes you to the workbench with this recipe.
  • The lighting in the “New Dawn” garage has been improved.
  • Fixed issues with the incorrect Mandrake durability indicator and the strong impulse from the explosion of “Porcupine barrels”.
  • Improved appearance of some environment objects in the “New Dawn” garage.
  • Improved appearance of several patches.
  • Updated various texts and descriptions.
8 June 2020