Cover car: Wasteland tour buses

July is getting closer! Life goes on in the Wasteland, and many survivors are already looking forward to their future holidays. Do you think there's nowhere to go in the world after a disaster? There are plenty of options: refreshing geysers in Naukograd, the pleasant breeze and coolness by the Sepulchre, splashing lakes at the Factory and that's not all! But to get to your dream holiday destination, you need a spacious bus. And that's what we are going to do now! The best engineer's craft, according to tradition, will decorate the July calendar!

Attention! Other entries from the section “Clash of engineers” can not be saved in the blueprints until the results are decided. Therefore, in order to protect yourself from plagiarism, do not share contest blueprints at the general exhibition before the deadline for entries.

What you need to do:

  • Build a spacious bus for tourists of the Wasteland. The machine must be self-propelled (able to move). Please note the additional requirements and limitations in the terms!
  • The use of structural parts of any factions is allowed.
  • Only wheels may be used as movement parts.
  • The entry can be done in the armoured car slot or the Leviathan slot.
  • Publish your craft in the current Clash of engineers, be sure to add TBU to its name (required at the beginning of the name). Pay attention to the entry submission deadline within the game!
  • With the launch of the voting phase, vote for the entry you like and wait for the results.
  • On May 21, at 06:00 GMT, the 3 best cars from each platform will be automatically selected by the number of votes collected and will go to the final voting stage, which will be held in the official Crossout groups on VK and Facebook.
  • The final vote will last until May 25, 06:00 GMT. The results will be summed up taking into account the total amount of votes in VK and Facebook.

Additional rules of participation:

  • The craft should correspond to the given style of the competition and be functional (able to move).
  • The rules of the clash of engineers can be found in the game (“Exhibition” — “Clash of engineers”)
  • The following crafts are not allowed to participate in voting:
  • crafts violating the rules, terms of use, game license agreement or laws of the Russian Federation;
  • crafts without movement parts, sufficient for movement;
  • crafts consisting in part or in full of words/letters/symbols.


The craft of the participant who won the final vote will be displayed in the game calendar. The author will get:

  • 30 days of premium subscription
  • The pack “Special gift” + 1000 coins!
  • Unique decor “Rewarduck”
  • And also at the end of the year, the winner will receive a printed calendar for 2021, where his armoured vehicle and all subsequent winners will be present!

All participants who passed to the final voting stage, but did not become a winner, are awarded 250 coins and 7 days of premium subscription.

In addition, all participants of the contest get a chance to compete for prizes within the framework of the Clash of engineers.

We wish you inspiration and good luck!

14 May 2020