Crossout Update 0.3.10

Engineers urgently need uranium ore! Nobody knows why, but they pay for it generously. Every week they broadcast the coordinates ore deposits so that free adventurers could carry the ore on their own.

But now a full-scale war is on for the uranium deposits. Loners perish in an instant in the brawl for uranium, so survivors form clans together.

Clans are gaining momentum in battle, and the strongest of them get control over uranium deposits. But powerful clans should be prepared, because at any moment another clan can come and claim their rights to uranium!

The weekly tournaments begin! To take part in the tournament, you need to create your own clan and lead it to victory!

  • Any players from the clan can participate. 
  • Teams of 4 clan members face off in battle. 
  • You can only fight against players from other clans. 
  • A player gets 1 uranium ore for clan victory (not more than 25 ore a week).
  • Clans get points for participation in battle. 
  • Points form the clan's ranking, which defines its place among the other clans. 
  • A clan's mission is to rank  as high as possible in the tournament. 
  • Tournaments last one week. 
  • At the end of the tournament players are rewarded, depending on the clan's place in the tournament (1 place - 50 ore, 2-10 places - 30 ore, 11-20 places - 20 ore, 21-30 places - 10 ore). 
  • All players in the clan by the tournament's end get the prize at the end of the tournament. 
  • Rating is reset for the next tournament. 
  • Winning a battle increases clan rating, losing reduces it. 


  • A new resource — uranium ore.
    • Issued as a reward for winning a clan battle. 
    • Issued as a reward for winning the tournament. 
    • Can be traded on the market. 


Weapons and modules

The Knights left, but in gratitude for our hospitality, Martin left the Engineers flamethrower blueprints. Those thought the whole thing over, and decided to upgrade it. 

Using the hard-won ore, they made it extremely durable and gave the Knechte Flammenwerfer a new working title BBQ. Nobody except Ivy knows how to decipher this abbreviation.

  • Added a new weapon: Flamethrower
    • Flamethrower crafting recipe: 1 ‘Retcher’ launcher, 1 Harvester, 1 ‘Mammoth’ cannon, copper: 1000, electronics: 1000, wires:1000, uranium ore: 150. 
    • A close-range weapon with high damage. 
    • Rarity: Relic. 
    • Explodes upon destruction. 
    • Can be produced at the Engineer workbench.


Engineer's guide

  • To make sure a survivor always knows what parts await his car in remote settlement garages, Free Publishing just released a circulation of ‘Engineer's Guide’, containing a list of all standard parts.
  • Engineer's Guide has been added to the game - it's an encyclopedia, containing descriptions of all the parts that are present in the game.
    • The guide can be found in the player's profile (you can view the profile by clicking on the portrait). 
    • The guide indicates which items the player has already found in the game, and which he's yet to see. 


  • For greater ease of communication between players, we have expanded comms functionality in chat and contacts.
  • Added the ability to put players from chat into blacklist. 
  • Improved contacts interface.
    • Added a ‘Whisper’ command for group interface. 
    • Added ‘Add Friend’ command for group interface.  
  • We remind you that we recently simplified the painting process: by pressing ‘O’ you can paint the entire car in one colour.
    • ‘Paint all’ button (‘O’ key). 
    • The button works if you select a paint can in Build mode. 
  • Improved display of parts in the item card.
  • Improved button appearance in tutorial mode.
  • Added ‘Collapse/expand’ buttons to achievement descriptions.
  • Icons of mounted weapons are hidden in the drop-down list.
  • Removed context menu of email and password input fields when logging in.
  • If more than three items are selected for upgrading, the upgrade button is locked.
  • Redesigned control panel in Build mode.
  • Changed several button functions in Build mode.
  • Improved appearance of a number of windows.
  • Added Leviathan marker to blueprint descriptions.
  • Removed lock icons from parts in Upgrade mode.
  • Improved a number of other interface elements.


  • Added the ability to shoot down missiles.
    • The missiles can be shot down by any weapon.
    • Homing missiles can also be shot down. 
  • Recipes of "Scorpion" and "Porcupine" have been changed. The amount of scrap required for each has been lowered.
  • Changed some achievements.
  • Removed some achievements.
  • We improved the display of miscellaneous objects, such as stones on the maps ‘Rock City’ and ‘Founders Canyon’.
  • ‘Founders Canyon’ landscape has undergone some changes. One of the straights now ends in a hill that you need to drive over to get to the other half of the map.
  • Fixedfloating grass on the map ‘Control-17’.
  • We also fixed some bugs with in-game areas displayed as unavailable. 
  • Reworked the ‘Bridge’ map. It has undergone a graphical revamp and optimization.
  • Added new facilities to the map ‘Old Town’, which has led to improvements in the visual component. Closed off several areas not intended for travel. The map has also been optimized.
  • Improved visual effects for large-caliber shotguns.
  • Improved visual effects of ML ‘Porcupine’.
  • Improved debriefing window.
  • Added and improved a number of sound effects.
  • Improved appearance of a number of parts.
  • Corrected the name of a chained steering wheel in the English version of the game.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug with Leviathan placement in the wrong Garage slot.
  • Fixed collision bugs for 76mm turret cannon and large wing.
  • Fixed debriefing window bugs.
  • Fixed fuel consumption display in group raids.
  • Fixed a bug with car horns.
  • Improved effects for artillery shell explosions on a variety of surfaces.
  • Fixed a bug with dual timers on Raid selection.
  • Fixed a bug with sorting paints in storage.
  • Fixed a bug with parts display in workbenches.
  • Fixed a bug with ‘Spike-1’ bolts getting stuck in water and acid.
  • Fixed a bug with raid rewards for ‘Heist’.
  • Fixed incorrect vehicle display in debriefing.
15 November 2016