Story of the map "Ashen ring"

From the very beginning of our history, one thing has become clear. Science and man cannot coexist: one, having faced the other, will inevitably destroy it.

This place… Once upon a time, it was created to take us to a new level. Lift mankind to the sky, revealing the secrets of the universe itself. But this never happened. Man faced science, namely the most terrible and alluring part of it — the unknown. The crossout virus. Perhaps he saved us from the appearance of a black hole right in the heart of the Earth and maybe prevented the emergence of a better humanity.

And even after the disaster, there were those who did not stop trying to unravel all the secrets of the universe. Dawn's children are one of them. They believe that they can save civilization. But you cannot return what has already perished. If we do not stop in time, we will lose those miserable particles of life that they are struggling to grow in the cracked and dusty Wasteland, which has become a new home for Man.

Science won, once again...
Leaving only post-apocalyptic Pompeii behind it.
Bringing the world back to basics.

And now tens of thousands of reasons why the end never justifies the means are falling from the skies. This ash covers the lifeless soil around the scientific complex with a hot blanket. This ash envelops armoured vehicles and their owners, who decided to test their luck. Just wanderers, who desired something more. This ash serves as a reminder that the most valuable things can easily be lost twice.

All these cars on the horizon came here for beam accelerators. As it turned out, not only Dawn's children are hunting for this technology. Who knows, maybe the best hunter today will find more than he wanted?

The ruin of this world.

Let's consider the map in more detail:

The map is a partially working scientific complex with a particle accelerator, which is perfectly visible from anywhere. This sets the direction of travel. The map is intended for the “Encounter” combat mode. It is symmetrical and great for battles at any PS levels.

There are a large number of shelters and smaller paths on the map, creating small local arenas where cars designed for short/medium distances feel good. At the same time, the location is quite open, which creates interesting gameplay on long-range crafts.

Among local arenas, there is a fallen tree on one side and an accelerator column with polluted water on the other. Each of these directions has convenient sniper positions for firing at the centre point and adjacent passages.

At the central point of the map (the destroyed camp), there are many different shelters, but there is no way to protect yourself from all directions at once. It is very easy to get to this point from the side of the river or bridges, so at first, the battle is fought around the camp, and after reducing the number of opponents, you can begin to seize the position.

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10 February 2020