Breaktown. Panorama of the map “Naukograd”

Once upon a time, the streets of the science town of Breaktown were full of life. Scientists came here from all over the continent to move technology forward and pave the way for humanity together, with a single impulse. Residents were told that geysers, hidden under the town's asphalt skin, sleep soundly.

They were not asleep. Breaktown held its breath, waiting for people to build houses, settle in laboratories, and begin to study the potential of geothermal energy. As soon as the scientists were so bold that they decided to use it, the city brought down its wrath on them.

Geysers woke up, the ground in the city began to sag, the buildings bent down. For some time, the residents of Breaktown tried to adapt to earthquakes. But the city was destroyed, and the people reconciled with the fact and left it.

Now Breaktown is empty, and the wind rushing from the hills howls across the streets covered with sand. Panel houses became its pipes, the wind breaks through them with a roar, like an animal beating against the walls of a cage.

Time mercilessly crumbles concrete, but in the very middle of Breaktown stands a complex of new, strong buildings. They are not afraid of either sandstorms or acid rain. The technologies created by scientists of the city decades ago are reflected in the drawings of Dawn's Children and their new unknown allies. Many people are interested in the faction that managed to build a working geothermal plant in a crumbling city, but so far no one has managed to find out anything.

The inhabitants of the world born of the disaster made Breaktown the arena of endless war. The energy of its plant is needed by many inhabitants of the Wasteland, and they are ready to fight for it. The remains of the houses, towering like the skeleton of an ancient creature, became the walls of the colosseum.

Experienced fighters know that you need to stay away from geysers. Tight streams of water and gas will toss the car and turn it into an easy target.

Breaktown does not like the weak — even now, abandoned by everyone and torn from the inside, it still looks up for a battle.

Let's consider “Naukograd” in more detail:

The new map Naukograd is a long-flooded and abandoned city. There are many shallow reservoirs and areas of weak soil in the zone. The main shelters are partially destroyed panel houses that form local arenas.

One of the main attractions is geysers, which will appear in the game for the first time. They are concentrated in the centre of the map, and it's their energy that the geothermal plant of Dawn's Children uses to function. When active, geysers block the view, they can destroy drones and missiles that hit them. In addition, it is more difficult to move through them, and heedless drivers of light cars risk being thrown into the air.

In the centre of the map near the geothermal plant you will find many shelters. This place is well suited for local fights on manoeuvrable vehicles, since from here it's easy to go anywhere on the map, and this is the shortest way to the enemy base.

If you do not want to go through the centre, you can go around the perimeter through residential complexes or along the monorail. There you will find several sniping positions and platforms for viewing and better orientation on the ground. Also, at the exit from the base, we placed a convenient position from which you can see the main routes to your base and what is happening near the geothermal plant.

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16 December 2019