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[PC] Crossout 0.10.100. Snowstorm

New Year's holidays are on the horizon, and “Snowstorm” is raging in the Wasteland. Join the traditional fight with Gronch and his minions, get unique rewards for the best results, take part in the battles for the famous “Naukograd” and remember about the unique daily offers on the New Year's workbench!

Snowstorm in Crossout!

Attention! The “Snowstorm” event will run from December 12, 2019 to January 13, 2020!

Christmas brawl — “Present heist”

Once again we ask you to help Fireman Henry and protect the New Year from the scoundrel Gronch! As before, you have to fight off the unyielding hostile squads. But this year, the stakes have gone up, because a truck with New Year's presents for all residents of the Wasteland is at stake.

Brawl features:

  • Players need to protect the truck during the loading/unloading of presents from the attacks of Gronch’s minions, as well as accompany it during its movement between bases.
  • Starting from wave 7, players get access to side missions around the map. When you complete the mission, another one unlocks at wave 12. Then the missions unlock every 10 waves.
  • Successful completion of a side mission will allow you to apply certain bonuses to the truck. Among the bonuses:
    • Temporary energy shield for the truck.
    • Repair 10% of the truck's durability.
    • A permanently active machine gun on the truck.
  • After a certain number of waves, players will have to fight with the ringleaders of the gang: Scrooge, Max and Gronch himself.
  • There is no limit to perfection! Improve your results and make your mark on the leaderboard.
    • Players who take the places from 1 to 1000 at the end of the event will get a unique “Candy exhaust” decor.
    • Players who take the places from 1 to 100 at the end of the event will receive a unique “Globeduck” decor.
  • Also, holding out the required number of times up to enemy wave 10 and finishing the battle, players will receive as a reward:
    • 1 time: 2 stickers “Unexpected snowbird”.
    • 3 times: 2 stickers “Season's greetings!”.
    • 5 times: 2 stickers “Carnival mask”.
    • 10 times: paint can “Heart-warming”.

Explosive property office

The New Year is on its way, and in the Wasteland, this means that it's time to exchange the old crackers for new and unique rewards!

  • “Crackers” is a temporary holiday resource.
  • When the “Snowstorm” event is concluded, all unused “Crackers” will be removed from the game without the possibility of exchanging them for any resources.
  • “Crackers” can be obtained in the special PvP mission “New Year's Fever” or in the brawl “Present heist”. During the “Snowstorm” event, crackers can also be obtained by greeting or destroying some guests in test drive.
  • “Crackers” is a non-tradable resource.
  • “Crackers” along with other resources can be exchanged for New Year's decor, stickers, fireworks, paint cans and other items on a special workbench “Lost and Found Explosives”.

What's a New Year without surprises? That won't do!

  • Every day, throughout the whole “Snowstorm” event, special crafting offers will appear on the workbench “Lost and Found Explosives”:
    • for Decor;
    • for Paint;
    • for CK;
    • for the new chainsaw “Lacerator”. Attention! The saw “Lacerator” can be crafted only during the New Year event “Snowstorm” as one of the special offers. At the moment, we have no plans to add any faction to the workbench.
    • Several weapons at a reduced crafting cost.
  • The offer is the same for all players.
  • A new special offer appears every day at 00:00 GMT.
  • You can use the offers for decor, paint and CK after their appearance only within 3 days. Offers for the crafting of chainsaws and other weapons are valid for 5 days from the date of appearance on the workbench.

Do not miss a single day of “Snowstorm” and get all the rewards!

Attention! You can see the currently available offers in the game!


Added three new medals related to the “Snowstorm” New Year event, as well and unique rewards for their completion:

  • “Present manager”. Destroy Gronch's armoured car in the “Present heist” brawl during a special event. Reward: “Scar AB” portrait.
  • “Cracker collector”. Get 100/500/1000/2000 crackers in the “Present heist” brawl or “New Year's Fever” mission during a special event. Rewards for receiving II and IV medals: themed background and emblem for personalizing the banner.
  • “Henry's helper”. Complete 10/20/30/40 side missions in the “Present heist” brawl during a special event. Rewards for receiving II and IV medals: themed background and emblem for personalizing the banner.

New pack “Frostburn” (Deluxe)

The deluxe version of the unique armoured car “Icebreaker” includes:

  • Epic course launcher “Locust” (2 pcs.) ;
    • PS: 940.
    • Ammunition: 14 volleys.
    • Durability: 90 pts.
    • Power consumption: 4 pts.
    • Mass: 110 kg.
    • Perk: “If both missiles from the salvo hit the target, increases the explosion radius of the next salvo by 30% for 5 sec”.
  • Wheel caps “Snowflake”;
  • Unique paint “Ice Crystal”;
  • Holographic decor “Harness XXI”;

Additionally, the player gets:

  • 4000 in-game coins.
  • Cabin “Icebox” of epic rarity;
  • Unique New Year stickers;
  • Unique character portrait: “Jack Frost”;
  • Paint cans: Cold flame, Material: Aluminium;
  • Maximum number of parts increased to 55;

Jack is one of the last representatives of the Frost sect — a small closed commune, that held its cold rituals even before the disaster. A few years ago, the sect ceased to exist — one of its own could not stand the stress and burned down his native village. Nobody knows who it was, so the remaining Frost survivors are hunting each other.

As if redeeming some crimes, Jack is trying very hard to be kind to ordinary people and give them presents: maybe it's a raider’s head, or perhaps a necklace made of teeth.

But both children and adults shy away from him for some reason. So Jack has to travel through the wasteland, in search of those he could make happy.

This year, Jack arrives in the wasteland on an updated armoured car. His frost powers are now supported by the power of rocket fire!

Attention! The pack will be available in the official Gaijin store until January 30, 23:55GMT!

“Frostburn” pack

Unique armoured vehicle “Icebreaker”:

  • Unique cabin: “Icebox” of epic rarity;
  • Weapons — 2 frontal machine guns “ST-M26 Tackler” of epic rarity
  • Modules: engine “Razorback”, “CS Taymyr”;
  • Unique character portrait “Jack Frost”;
  • Paint cans: Cold flame, Material: Aluminium;
  • Maximum number of parts increased to 55;
  • 2100 in-game coins.

Attention! The pack will be available in the official Gaijin store until January 30, 23:55 GMT!

New PvP map “Naukograd”

Once upon a time, the streets of the science town of Breaktown were full of life. Scientists came here from all over the continent to move technology forward and pave the way for humanity together, with a single impulse. Residents were told that geysers, hidden under the town's asphalt skin, sleep soundly.

They were not asleep. Breaktown held its breath, waiting for people to build houses, settle in laboratories, and begin to study the potential of geothermal energy. As soon as the scientists were so bold that they decided to use it, the city brought down its wrath on them.

Geysers woke up, the ground in the city began to sag, the buildings bent down. For some time, the residents of Breaktown tried to adapt to earthquakes. But the city was destroyed, and the people reconciled with the fact and left it.

The map is available in PvP missions (“Assault” scenario) and in Custom battle.

Visitors in the garage

  • Now, when entering test drive from your garage, armoured vehicles of those players who are in your friends may appear.
  • In addition to friends' cars, special vehicles from developers can also appear.
  • If the player attacks the guests, they fight back.
  • By default, the armoured vehicles are neutral. You can greet them with a beep and get a reward for hospitality or destroy the uninvited guests and take the reward by force. Rewards may change over time.

Please note that the feature works in test mode. Based on the test results, a decision will be made about its future.


  • [According to player suggestions] Updated the map selection system. Now the chances of getting various maps are equal, regardless of the number of modes available on these maps.
  • Updated part of the blueprints of Raiders.


Players can no longer harpoon allied trucks. When you try to use a harpoon, the truck will automatically unhook it.


Now the amount of resources received in the “Invasion” directly depends on the player’s activity in the battle and the number of points earned by him.

Clan battles

  • Reworked the mechanics of moving a clan from league to league:
    • Now, clans located in leagues below Diamond will not be able to drop to the league below the one in which they are, until the end of the current season.
    • If you lose points in the diamond league, the clan descends to the gold league and can no longer go down this season.
    • If the clan reaches the minimum number of points in the current league (except Diamond), subsequent defeats will not take away rating points.
    • With the start of the next season, all clans will still be transferred to the league below.
  • The map “Rock city” has been removed from rotation and replaced with the map “Ship graveyard”

[According to player suggestions] Crafting parts

  • You can select the number of identical parts that will be crafted at the same time at the “Engineer workbench”. In the same way, you can select the number of resources/containers when exchanging Engineer badges.
  • Quantity can only be specified for one specific part. You can't select several different parts at once.
  • Now the animation of receiving a part from workbenches of any rarity and faction is shown only when this part is first received. When crafting the same part, the animation will not be shown.

Faction workbenches

  • Now the machine gun “P-29 Protector” is made on the workbench “Nomad HQ”.
  • Now the minigun “MG14 Arbiter” is crafted in the “Nomad laboratory”.
  • Now the “Pulsar” plasma gun is crafted at the “Laboratory 51” workbench of the “Dawn's children” faction.
  • Now the “Harpy” cabin is crafted on the “Secure stash” workbench of the “Firestarters” faction.
  • Now the “Photon” cabin is crafted on the “Automated Factory” workbench of the “Dawn's children” faction.
  • Now the “Bastion” cabin is crafted on the “Camp workshop” workbench of the “Steppenwolfs” faction.


Shotgun “Breaker”

Made changes to the weapon model. Now it has become easier to protect with structural parts.

Developer comment: One of the main reasons for the low attractiveness and effectiveness of the “Breaker” is not the most convenient weapon model. Because of it, protecting the weapon was extremely difficult, and this is critical in battles at high PS levels. As a temporary solution, we improved the model in such a way that it fires only from the upper barrels of the gun (the damage done does not change). Thus, you can protect the shotgun at its base, and this will not interfere with firing.

Shotgun “Nidhogg”

Reload time reduced by 17% (from 3 to 2.5 seconds).

Developer comment: “Nidhogg” is a good single-shot shotgun, which, unfortunately, is lost against the background of other legendary guns. We decided to bring its reload speed in line with “Junkbow” and “Fafnir”. Now it reloads a little faster, which is often critical in close range battles.

Shotgun “Goblin”

Damage reduced by 10%.

Developer comment: “Goblin” consumes only 2 energy points, deals not only gunshot, but also melee damage, and is also protected from these types of damage. All this led to the fact that the shotgun was too effective compared to other weapons of its rarity. A small reduction in gunshot damage will bring its performance closer to other “rare” guns.

Machine Gun “Punisher”

  • Durability increased by 18% (from 340 to 400 units).
  • Damage increased by 6%.

Developer comment: As in the case of “Crusher,” the effectiveness of the “Punisher” does not correspond to the indicators we expected. Now we are making small corrections to the durability and damage of the gun and evaluate how they will affect its effectiveness. If necessary, additional changes may be made.

Plasma gun “Pulsar”

Durability reduced by 9% (from 850 to 770 units)

Developer comment: After changing the physical models of some guns, the survival rate of the “Pulsars” in battles has increased. In order for the gun to match the rest of the legendary guns, we compensate for this with a small decrease in durability.

Revolver “Emily”

Reload time reduced by 17% (from 6 to 5 seconds).

Developer comment: The new item from the latest visit of the knechte came out interesting, but not as effective as we wanted. In order to align the performance parameters of the new revolver relative to other “rare” parts, we slightly increase its reload speed.

Autocannon “AC64 Joule”

Durability increased by 11% (from 180 to 200 units).

Developer comment: The mechanics of the unique “Joule” perk is interesting and adds variety to the gameplay with autocannons, makes the player move and get closer to opponents. But, unfortunately, the current effectiveness of the gun is below average. This is largely due to low survival. Therefore, we are increasing its durability.

‘Lancelot’ explosives

Damage reduced by 20%.

Developer comment: Now the effectiveness of “Lancelot” spears does not match the declared rarity. We reduce the damage dealt to balance them against other epic weapons and increase the chances of armoured vehicles to survive when in contact with them.

Chainsaw “Mauler”

  • Now the saw “Druzhba 2” is called “Mauler”.
  • Saw type changed to: “Melee weapon: Chainsaw”.
  • The perk of the “Mauler” saw has been changed. Now it “Increases the damage of all installed chainsaws by 10%”.

New chainsaw “Lacerator”

  • PS: 470.
  • Durability: 280 pts.
  • Energy consumption: 2 pts.
  • Mass: 150 kg.
  • Perk: “Increases the durability of all installed chainsaws by 10%”.

Attention! The saw “Lacerator” can be crafted only during the New Year event “Snowstorm” as one of the special offers. At the moment, we have no plans to add any faction to the workbench.

Cannon “Executioner 88mm”

Improved weapon’s collision model.


Auger “Meat Grinder”

Improved handling of vehicles with augers on uneven surfaces.

“Goliath” tracks

  • PS score increased from 450 to 700.
  • Tonnage increased from 4500 to 6000 kg.

Developer comment: Now, “Goliaths” are extremely effective tracks that are often used at relatively low PS rates. We are moving crafts with these tracks to battles at higher PS values and at the same time increasing the tonnage of the tracks, as it is at high PS that they have certain problems with efficiency.

Rare invisibility module “Chameleon”

  • The maximum radius at which your silhouette can be seen is 70 meters.
  • The speed of the armoured car, at which the silhouette is visible as distinctly as possible — 100 km/h.
  • The maximum speed at which the range of your detection does not change is 35 km/h. When driving at this speed and below, the detection range of the silhouette of the car does not change and remains minimal.

Invisibility module “Chameleon Mk2”

  • The maximum radius at which your silhouette can be seen is 50 meters.
  • The speed of the armoured car, at which the silhouette is visible as distinctly as possible — 100 km/h.
  • The maximum speed at which your detection range does not change is 50 km/h.

Developer comment: Now the invisibility module gives a great advantage on the battlefield. For 1 unit of energy, it allows you to hide from view or shorten the distance to the enemy, ignoring the environment. With the help of updated mechanics, we would like to make the game with invisibility modules more dependent on the skills of the players and their ability to plan their actions in advance.

  • [According to player suggestions] Now in the clan interface you can see the number of fights finished by each clan member in the current season.
  • [According to player suggestions] Two additional messages have been added to the quick messaging interface: “Thank you!” and “Watch out!”.
  • [According to player suggestions] Now the “Hall of Fame” of each clash of engineers displays three-dimensional models of the winning armoured cars.
  • Now players have the option of displaying the numbers of damage done. In the item “Settings” - “Interface” - “Damage numbers” you can disable them or choose one of two display options.
  • Players can no longer invite anyone to the group if he is already in the queue for a battle.
  • [According to player suggestions] Now the sensitivity of the artillery sight can be adjusted with a minimum step of 0.01.
  • [According to player suggestions] Now the written but not sent message in the chat does not disappear when changing the channel with the “Tab” key.
  • Updated interface for a number of keys

  • [According to player suggestions] The sound of the “Reaper” minigun has been reworked.
  • The sound system was optimized and tweaked in order to improve performance and minimize sound artefacts on weak PCs.
  • Improved sounds of remote projectiles and missiles.
  • Improved old and added new sounds of machine guns at long range.
  • Added sounds for destructible objects.
  • [According to player suggestions] Now a vehicle that has activated self-destruction will emit a characteristic signal. The frequency of the signal will increase, depending on how close the explosion is to happen.

  • Now, for reaching the 2nd and 3rd level of reputation with the “Engineers” fraction, the player is given 1 part each “Left crutch” and “Right crutch”. The total number of these parts issued for reputation levels with a faction does not change. Players of reputation level 2 will have one part “Left crutch” replaced with “Right crutch”. The second set of these items will be obtained at reputation level 3.  Please note that the changes will affect only players who have reputation level 2 with the “Engineers” faction at the time of the update. The remaining players will not be affected by this change.
  • Now, any blueprint displayed at the exhibition undergoes an in-depth check for correctly installed parts.
  • Changed the appearance of the shotgun “Lupara”.
  • Changed the appearance of the cabin “Huntsman” and “Guerilla”.
  • The appearance of the decor “Small speaker” and “Large speaker” has been improved.

  • Resolved a bug where fixing the camera on the “Crater” map led to an increase in the radius of “Spark III”.
  • Fixed a bug where a shot from the “Scorpio” into the lower part of the cabin could lead to double damage.
  • Fixed a bug where the readiness indicator of the perk of the “Fafnir” shotgun might not be displayed in combination with some engines.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Werewolf” cabin's drone under the control of the leviathan did not self-destruct near the enemies.
  • Fixed a bug where guns with modified physical models installed in front of the “Mandrake” could be displayed as incorrectly installed.
  • Fixed a bug where the self-destruction lamp in the cabin was invisible on the maps “Powerplant” and “Nameless Tower”.
  • Fixed a bug where the start of a battle with the exhibition advanced search window open led to the inaccessibility of this window after the battle ended.
  • Fixed a bug with partial loading of some environment models in the “Adventure” mode.
  • Fixed a bug that led to the forced termination of the game during the launch of certain maps. The error was observed only on low-power PC configurations.
  • Fixed bugs in the behaviour of some leaders in raids.
  • Fixed a bug where drones and turrets in the “Steel Cradle” raid could be invisible, when at a distance from the player.
  • Fixed a bug with a closed, but visually accessible area on the “Bridge” map.
  • The landscape on the maps “Dead Highway” and “Eastern array” has been improved.
  • The incorrect location of environmental objects on the “Eastern array” and “Terminal-45” maps has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug with the incorrect location of mines on the maps “Lost Coast” and “Terminal-45”.
  • Fixed a bug where cars with parts located close to the ground could touch the surface while moving along bridges.
  • Improved a number of texts and descriptions.

Hotfixes, 13.12.2019

  • Fixed game client crashes while removing friends currently in test drive from your friends list.
  • Fixed an issues with a black screen after the destruction of Gronch's car.
  • Fixed several other issues causing unstable behaviour of the “Present heist” brawl.
  • Now successfully completing the brawl “Present heist” counts towards the daily challenge for 9 prize places in brawls.
  • Improved client stability
  • Improved a number of in-game texts and descriptions

Hotfix, 17.12.2019

  • Fixed a bug that in some cases could cause the progress in the New Year's task for 10 waves to not be counted.
  • Improved client stability

Update from 25.12.19

  • Reverted the recent changes in the mechanics of clan transition from league to league.

Developer comment: The recent changes in clan battles have increased the mode's popularity and gave an opportunity to obtain more uranium to the developing clans, but also have had a significant impact on the value of uranium ore and the uniqueness of the gold and diamond leagues. We are temporarily going back to the previous mechanics and start working on updating the clan battles and league system.

  • Fixed a number of issues that led to a drop in performance in the brawl “Present Heist”. 
  • The number of prize places in the leaderboard of “Present Heist” has been increased to 1000 and 5000 (instead of 100 and 1000). 
  • Now special armoured cars come to the players who have no one in the list of friends in test drive.
  • Fixed an issue where, after the timer passed in “Present Heist”, the completed wave would not count if the next wave did not have time to start.

Hotfix, 27.12.2019

Improved the model and appearance of the "Candy exhaust" decor (a reward for first 5000 places in the "Present heist" leaderboard).

Hotfix, 14.01.2020

  • Fixed a bug with the "Light bar" and the "Taxi sign" being invisible on the market.
  • Fixed a bug with inability to enter battles that occured to some players' accounts.

Hotfix, 17.01.2020

Updated text strings in the "Clash of engineers".

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