Event announcement: "Knight Riders"

Behold! For here comes a major event inspired by medieval romance, ‘Knight Riders’. A soldier’s expedition, led by a boy named Martin is passing through our land. These warriors are called Knights. One of the legends about Martin and his knights reads: 

A sixteen-year-old Martin gathered an army under the white cross. Formidable drivers of perfect machines. Knights of the White Cross, calling themselves the ‘Knechte’. The First Expedition. Such Flandern!
Psycho Pete was the first to be visited by foreigners from Castle Country. What happened next is the story I've been told by Marduk, Pete's personal mechanic, who was riding the same car. Lunatics were circling around the Knights like vultures. There was no shooting. Martin, calm and collected, climbed out of the car with a banner and waited for the leader. Pete rode up to him and started shaking with laughter — a bit from the boy's self-importance, a bit more from the Fireblood he'd taken before departure. The boy took his hand and looked him in the eye. The Fireblood all but evaporated. The two leaders disappeared in the ‘Wagen’ and were not seen for twenty minutes. Twenty minutes when the metal sweated rust and time contracted.The ‘Wagen’ doors opened and both leaders finally emerged.
The Lunatics retreated. The Knechte continued on their way through our lands.​

Though isolated, the Knechte are ready to give missions to locals and pay them with their own currency, talers. Why do we need their currency, you may ask? To buy their products, of course! And the products are very interesting...
First, the paints. Players will be able to decorate their cars with heraldry, that the knights of bygone days used to adorn their battle horses: crosses, red and yellow stripes and eagles. Secondly, decor and wheels — also in knightly style.
But most importantly, what separates the Knechte from other survivors and what do they use to scare away raider gangs — monstrous crossbows, piercing armour with huge arrows like needles.
‘Knight Riders’ will also bring a new map called ‘Fortress’. This is a map that mixes dilapidated stone structures with gloomy bunkers, where the Sepulchre looms in the distance, survivors will clash in a bloody battle for the old fort.

But there is a cherry on the top — new portraits. For those who really want to become Knechte!

But the main thing that ‘Knight Riders’ is bringing us, the German language. Now citizens of Berlin, Wien, Bern and all the German-speaking world will finally be able to play and communicate in their native language.
Good luck on the road, Knights!

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19 October 2016