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[PC] Crossout 0.10.90. Witch Hunt

The Witch Hunt begins in the Wasteland! Trick or treat? The choice is yours, survivors.

Game event “Witch Hunt”

Every year, Ivy XO transforms into the Witch from the Valley to arrange a feast for everyone (and at the same time clear the area of tricky treats). And this time she decided to slightly change the subject of the event. Trusted people say that this decision was influenced by her personal meeting with the mysterious Catrina — the ghost that lives in the Wasteland. Who knows if this really happened, but the result is obvious — a lot of colourful ornaments appeared during the festivities.

Winter is coming — it's time to light the fire of the Witch Hunt, survivors!

  • Tricky treats can only be obtained in the brawl “Witch Hunt” or in the special PvP-mission “Trick or treat!”.
  • Brawl “Witch Hunt” and the mission “Trick or treat!” available from level 4 of the Engineers faction.
  • “Tricky treats” along with other resources can be exchanged for unique decor, paint and stickers in a special “Witch Cauldron” workbench.
  • Active “Premium subscription” increases the number of treats received as a result of the battle.
  • At the end of the in-game event, all unused treats will be withdrawn without replacements.

The event will last from October 24 to November 6, 20:59 GMT.

Features of the updated brawl “Witch Hunt”:

  • Victory in the brawl goes to the person who can keep festive balloons on his armoured vehicle longer than others and earn 100 points.
  • The brawl offers pre-assembled blueprints with boosters.
  • There are festive skulls on the map, and by breaking them the player can get additional advantages in the brawl. Among them: temporary invulnerability, temporary invisibility, the ability to release a “Kapkan” mine or a shell from a homing “Scorpion”.
  • Be careful and be ready for anything — festive skulls can also attach a bomb to your armoured car or slow it down. Hurry to touch the enemy’s armoured car and pass the bomb to it, otherwise, you're gonna go boom!
  • To take the holiday balloons from the enemy, you only need to crash into his car. And remember: a high-speed chase is not the only way out. Show your cunning and ingenuity!
  • The brawl will be active during the whole time of the event and will not replace the rest of the brawls.
  • For 1, 3, 5, and 10 successful battles (1–4 places) in the Witch Hunt, the player receives the Witch's Sticker Container. Attention! Each challenge can be completed only once! The progress of successful battles is reset after each mission.

What can you expect in the “Witch's Cauldron” this year?

Decor “Mexican guitar”

  • Rarity: rare.
  • Increases combat reputation gain by 2%.

Resources required for production:

  • 400 units of scrap metal;
  • 150 units of copper;
  • 100 units of “Tricky treats”.

Decor “Feathered serpent”

  • Rarity: epic.
  • Increases combat reputation gain by 3%.

Resources required for production:

  • 100 units of scrap metal;
  • 750 units of electronics;
  • 750 units of copper;
  • 300 units of “Tricky treats”;
  • 750 units of batteries.

Decor “Taco”

  • Rarity: legendary.
  • Increases combat reputation gain by 4%.

Resources required for production:

  • 250 units of scrap metal;
  • 500 units of wires;
  • 450 units of copper;
  • 200 units of “Tricky treats”;
  • 250 units of plastic.

Epic paint “Leaf fall”

Resources required for production:

  • 250 units of scrap metal;
  • 500 units of wires;
  • 450 units of copper;
  • 200 units of “Tricky treats”;
  • 250 units of plastic.

Crate “Witch's Sticker Container”

Contains a random rare sticker from the “Witch Hunt”:

  • The proud, the fierce, the squeaky;
  • Duty. Honour. Trombone;
  • From the skies to a candle;
  • Calavera;
  • The shaker's not gonna fix itself;
  • Find, break, dance;
  • Eagle & snake;
  • Festive cactus;
  • With guitars in our hearts;
  • Warlord;
  • Daughter;
  • The Collector;
  • Major;
  • Scientist;
  • Keeper;
  • Shaman.

Resources required for production:

  • 200 units of scrap metal;
  • 100 units of copper;
  • 100 units of “Tricky treats”.

In addition, the whole range of decor and all the paints and stickers from the previous iterations of The Witch Hunt are presented on the workbench.

New “Day of the Dead” pack


The pack includes:

Unique armoured car “Stalker”

  • Rare autocannon “AC43 Rapier” (2 pcs.);
  • Rare cabin “Jockey”;
  • Special wheels “Stallion” and “Stallion (ST)” ;
  • Unique character portrait “Catrina”;
  • Unique decor of epic rarity “Diego”;
  • A set of unique stickers;
  • Paint cans with unique relic paint “Violet gloss” and “Matte ultraviolet”;
  • Increased the limit of used parts to 55;
  • 1500 in-game coins.

Attention! The pack will be available from October 24 to November 6, 20:59 GMT.

Daily challenges

  • A new daily challenge for crafting any part has been added to the rotation. Now the player will randomly receive one of two daily challenges: to craft a part or to buy/sell something on the market.
  • “Complete 5 daily challenges” — the number of challenges is reduced to 4.
  • Changes will take effect the day after the update.


  • Improved behaviour of raiders during the capture of enemy bases.
  • Increased time required to capture each of the base sectors in “Encounter” missions. Required time depends on general battle time and number of players that capture the base.


Now you can only send Leviathans with 7000 or more PS to the Invasion.



An updated race track on the Wrath of Khan map has been added to the rotation mode.

Changed visual models of the following parts:

  • Minigun “MG13 Equalizer”;
  • Minigun “Reaper”;
  • Shotgun “Sledgehammer”;
  • Grenade Launcher “Retcher”;
  • Cannon “ZS-46 Mammoth”.

Changed physical models of the following parts:

  • Cannon “Avenger 57mm”;
  • Cannon “Little Boy 6LB”;
  • Cannon “ZS-34 Fat Man”;
  • Cannon “Executioner 88 mm”;
  • Cannon “ZS-46 Mammoth”;
  • Cannon “BC-17 Tsunami”;
  • Cannon “CC-18 Typhoon”;
  • Grenade launcher “AGS-55 Impulse”;
  • Grenade Launcher “Retcher”;
  • Plasma gun “Pulsar”;
  • Flamethrower “Firebug”;
  • “Mandrake” Howitzer;
  • Pulse Accelerator “Scorpion”;

Developer comment: We are continuing to upgrade physical models of guns. Now the physical models of the listed guns have become smaller, they correctly follow the rotation of the trunks and are more consistent with their visual models. Please note that changes in physical models may make it necessary to rebuild some of the armoured vehicles.

Parts production

Recipes of all “rare” parts have been changed:

  • Reduced the number of required parts of the “common” rarity.
  • The amount of scrap required is increased.
  • Please note that the change only affects the crafting of parts on factional workbenches.



Added new attachment points.


Machine gun “P-29 Protector” and cannon “Elephant”

Changed the mechanics of perks. Now when they are active, the guns are protected from all types of damage, including energy.

Pulse Accelerator “Scorpion”

Now Scorpion shells take into account the features of the penetrated parts.

Drones and Turrets

Now stepping into invisibility resets the target for drones and turrets. After invisibility is activated, they no longer see the enemy for an additional second.

Medals, trials, and patches

  • Reduced requirements for several patches, as well as the number and list of patches, required for completing some trials.
  • The mechanics of obtaining the “Unyielding” patch have been changed. Now it is awarded even if the best player of the winning team left the battle before its completion.
  • Now, when you hover over some of the patches, you can see which parts to use to get them.
  • New patches added:
    • Machine Gun Mastery 5;
    • Shotgun Mastery 5;
    • Cannon Mastery 5;
    • Crossbow Mastery 3;
    • Special Weapon Mastery 3;
  • Added new trials and banner backgrounds for completing them:
    • Machine guns: Legend;
    • Shotguns: Legend;
    • Cannons: Legend;
    • Crossbows: Expert;
    • Special Weapons: Veteran;
    • Special Weapons: Expert.
  • Fixed a bug with legendary flame weapons challenge being absent.
  • Added new medals and rewards for receiving them in the form of themed portraits:
    • Knechte treasurer;
    • Halloween zillionaire.

  • Now, pressing the “Battle” button in the garage will automatically launch the mission “Get the Scrap!” or the last mode in which you participated. To open the world map and select another mode, you must press the button “Choose mode” (under the button "Battle").

Developer comment: Please note that we are currently conducting selective testing of the updated interface, so some players may retain the old functionality of the “Battle” button. This is not a bug.

  • Now, at the end of the brawl with several prize places, all winners will get the correct message about the victory and the place taken.
  • Now in raids you may check, which of the daily and weekly tasks can be completed in this battlet, using the “Map” button.
  • Added the option to disable the colour outline of armoured vehicles in “Custom battle” in observer mode. You can disable the outline in the menu: Settings — Interface — Gameplay — Colour outline of the armoured car.
  • The “Reset observation target” option has been added to the “Controls” section. The option is valid only for observers in “Custom battle”. By default, it's not bound to any key. Using the option allows you to stop monitoring a specific player and return to a free camera.
  • In the detailed characteristics of parts with resistance to different types of damage, the item “Features” is added. Currently, it contains information on how many percent this or that damage is reduced by when it hits this part.
  • The button “Find a clan” has been added to the "Clans" tab for those players who are not already members of a clan.
  • The quick message “Watch out!” replaced by the more popular “Sorry!”.

  • Improved landscape on the maps:
    • “Bridge”;
    • “Sector EX”;
    • “Old town”;
    • “Factory”;
    • “Lost Coast”;
    • “Terminal-45”;
    • “Powerplant”;
    • “Rock City”;
    • “Founders Canyon”.
  • Updated the location of environmental objects on the maps “Bridge”, “Rock City” and “Powerplant”.
  • Improved the appearance of environmental objects on the maps:
    • “Blood Rocks”;
    • “Old town”;
    • “Nameless tower”;
    • “Lost Coast”;
    • “Sector EX”;
    • “Bridge”;
    • “Chemical plant”;
    • “Ship graveyard”.
  • The maximum number of blueprints that a player can save in his storage and in the “Owned” exhibition tab has been increased to 30.
  • Water now slows down the movement of armoured vehicles more.
  • Improved smoke effects from signal fires.
  • Improved hit and explosion effects for shells of cannons and autocannons.

  • Fixed a bug that allowed editing the blueprint directly from the exhibition and loading it into a slot in the garage without downloading.
  • Fixed a bug where some of the ringleaders of the Lunatics and Scavengers did not move, attack the players and towers, or hit them.
  • Fixed a bug where the Leviathan in the Steel Cradle raid might not respond to the visible player and not move in his direction if he was far away.
  • Fixed a bug where frames could be mounted on both sides of the Goliath tracks. Now you can only attach tracks to frames, and not vice versa.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect display of the damage dealt in the characteristics of flamethrowers.
  • Fixed a bug where the installation of parts on top of the “Remedy” flamethrower led to the blocking of rotation of its barrel.
  • Fixed a bug where the raiders did not continue to attack the enemies after firing all Corvo cartridges and reloading them.
  • Now, changes in the progress of daily and weekly challenges are correctly displayed on the battle results screen.
  • A number of errors on the Chemical Plant map have been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug with an incorrect player spawn point in raids on the Old Town map.
  • Fixed a bug where the exhibition could display an incorrect message about the lack of parts for assemblies without a cabin.
  • Improved a number of texts and descriptions.
  • Fixed a bug where parts situated close to the ground could clip the landscape.

Hotfix 24.10

  • Fixed bug with speedometer's flickering and its overlapping on mini map.
  • Fixed a number of texts and descriptions.
  • Fixed an error where notifications on the login screen could not be displayed correctly at certain screen resolutions.

Hotfix 25.10

  • Fixed a bug with resetting/vanishing patches.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect rotation of the physical model of the “ZS-46 Mammoth” cannon.
  • Fixed a bug with inactive buttons of the trade window after changing the screen resolution.
  • Fixed bugs that made it possible to climb up inaccessible hills in “Witch Hunt”.
  • Improved client stability.

Hotfix 28.10

Fixed a bug when the quick start function did not work.

Hotfix 30.10

  • Fixed a bug related to incorrect shotgun fire.
  • Fixed a bug connected with the interface blocking by in-game prompts.
  • Improved client stability.

Hotfix, 08.11.2019

Improved client stability.

Hotfix, 15.11.2019

Improved a number of texts and descriptions.

Hotfix, 21.11.2019

  • Fixed a bug where miniguns could shoot through the covers and deal damage to the opponents behind them.
  • Improved client stability.
  • Improved a number of texts and descriptions.

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24 October 2019