Augustus Donner

Access level: top.

Target: Augustus Donner.

A compilation of information compiled by Explorer Grigio.

I have to admit — this Augustus is secretive, like Scar Ab, but I managed to get clear answers to several important questions.

Firstly, Augustus is much younger than we expected. Initially, it was believed that he was a mature man, whose profession prior to crossout was related to engineering or mechanics. It's not like that — Augustus is only 5-6 years older than Martin. His place of birth is unknown, but he mentioned a certain settlement destroyed by raiders, and his three dead brothers.

Secondly, his ideological firmness for such a young age is amazing. Augustus is the closest adviser and possibly even Martin’s friend. He honours the ideals of his leader and will do everything to bring them to life.
[Note: judging by several conflicts that I have observed, Augustus plays another important role. Martin is sometimes extremely emotional and exudes ideas that can lead to bloodshed. At such moments, Augustus often finds a way to calm the anger of the leader, not allowing him to commit cruel acts. This is surprising given that Augustus himself never leaves even the weakest enemies of the Knight Riders alive.]

Thirdly, Augustus obviously wants the Knechte to forge a new future for the world. It could be attributed to suggestibility, but Martin's right hand is surprisingly intelligent. This is probably about Augustus’s personal desire is to find a leader who deserves devotion. Perhaps Martin has become something like Richard the Lionheart or King Arthur — an otherworldly leader, worth giving one's life for. Nothing strange for a man calling himself one of the Knight Riders.

It would be better for all the inhabitants of the Wasteland if Augustus survives. Perhaps his patronage will save Martin from cruel decisions, and all of us from disasters.

Explorer Grigio

The portrait “Augustus Donner” can be unlocked during the event Knight Riders by completing the task “To Flanders”.

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9 September 2019