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Game Worldartifacts

Folder with documents

This folder bearing the Starburnts logo was discovered behind a panel during the disassembly of an unremarkable old truck that was abandoned by the side of the road not far from Central. No one has been able to track its history, although Scar AB has offered a reward for it.

Folder with documents
Newspaper “The Moon”
UFO CRASHES WITHIN NEAR EAST COMBAT ZONE. According to information from our sources, the testing of a new anti-air system based on technology developed in a closed US Air Force facility led to unexpected results: an unknown flying object was detected, attacked, and shot down. Our expert shares his opinion. Continued on pg. 2.
Magazine “Popular Science”
Dr. Weckler, a representative of the Waderkvarn Corporation, presented the scientific community with the results of a series of practical experiments that cast doubt on modern theoretical physics. These experiments involve, among other things, force fields and certain types of radiation. What consequences could this have for science? Let’s try to work it out together...
Advertising pamphlet Waderkvarn
Speed. Power. Reliability. Our new weapons systems are the embodiment of these principles. The discoveries made during the last decade have allowed us to fundamentally reevaluate the principles behind the construction of modern weaponry—and Waderkvarn is on the bleeding edge of progress in this field!
Yellowed piece of paper, 2027
REMAIN CALM! Due to incidents of mass psychosis of an unknown nature, all populated areas of over 100,000 people will be subject to curfew. Recommendations for residents: 1. If possible, remain home and lock your doors and windows. 2. Maintain a stock of emergency supplies 3. Keep your radio or television on at all times. REMAIN CALM
Photograph of an unknown man
He is carrying a homemade poster with the phrase “Those monsters were hiding in their bunkers!” written boldly on it..
Diary fragment (unknown author)
The evacuation is a failure. Everyone is panicking. There’s no power. There’s no water. The soldiers… they couldn’t care less. Most of them just ran off. Today I saw the bottom of the ocean from my window. Something’s happened to the water — the ocean has pulled all the way back to the horizon. I don’t know what to do. Could this really be the end?
Note fragment
The Necropolis anomaly has dispersed. Assemble an expedition. Instructor. P.S. don’t tell Ivy.