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Game Worldartifacts

Fireproof container

One night the inhabitants of Rock City heard explosions and saw a blinding flash that lit up the horizon. Judging from the tracks, an entire squadron of raiders attacked the vehicle of an Order soldier. There were no survivors. There were spots where the scorched earth had been transformed into glass. A container of artifacts was found inside one of these pieces of glass.

Fireproof container
Magazine “Popular Science”
The SEER (Southern European Evolutionary Research Initiative) computing complex will be not only the world’s most powerful device, performing millions of operations per second, but will also serve as the basis for the deployment of a global analytics center that will process information, make predictions, and perform scientific calculations.
Homemade pamphlet
Don’t believe the lies! The government is lying to you! Nothing can save you from Crossout—not gas masks, not hermetically sealed bunkers, not even hazmat suits!
Propaganda poster
The air is infected! Our country has been attacked by an unknown aggressor. Poisonous substances have been dispersed in certain regions. The most reliable way to protect yourself is to wear a gas mask. However, try to avoid spending too much time in location infected by poisonous substances, and refrain from contact with people who have been affected by these substances.
Video diary by an unknown blogger
This year… 2027. It’s coming to an end. I think it must be the 20th or the 21st of December by now, but I’m not sure. The world has changed. People have changed. Climate, geography… it’s all gone downhill... I don’t know how many people have survived, how many have been saved... how many have turned... the cities are dead.
A voice recording of the sheriff
It’s been over 20 years since the Cataclysm. Our town has become a sanctuary for many, but its time is coming to an end. We’re surrounded by too many predators — the Brotherhood, the Kaganate, and raiders big and small. Now we’ve started hearing rumors of a group called the Engineers, and they’ve got no mercy for anyone. We have a choice: we can either fight or join one of them. I’m not sure which option is worse.
Fragment of text on an electronic tablet
To: Lab Assistant Riley
The valley is open. We’re observing the visitors. They’re all here. Awaiting further instructions.