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Game Worldartifacts

Black crate

This blackened wooden crate permeated with some kind of sap-like substance was dragged from an acid lake next to a tree with the Starburnt logo scratched into it. A sealed glass sphere containing several carefully packed artifacts was found inside.

Black crate
Report from the US Air Force Science and Technology Center
5/1/1947. Secret. Report on incident 00213/22-1. The object entered Earth’s atmosphere at 4:04 AM EST on 2/20/1947. Once the nature of the object had been confirmed in accordance with US Air Force internal instructions the Veil Plan was initiated. The crash site was isolated, and explanations were provided to witnesses. According to the findings of a scientific committee made up of leading experts from the University of California, the incident was natural in origin and precipitated by a collision between two extraterrestrial bodies at the edge of Earth’s atmosphere.
Internal Waderkvarn presentation
The area around the fallen object is transforming. An effect of an unknown nature is increasing the rate at which all materials decay. This includes metals, minerals, and polymers. Personnel within the proximity of the object have been experiencing sudden bouts of anxiety, and particularly sensitive individuals have suffered panic attacks. The gathering of new samples has been rendered significantly more difficult. In connection with this I recommend...
Meetings of the 12th Marine regiment

— Sir, we’ve got a situation here that isn’t accounted for in the military codex.
— Give me your report, Corporal.
— Sir, a group of civilians is advancing to the checkpoint from the city...;
— Explain yourself more clearly, Corporal! The city is under quarantine!
— There are a lot of them, sir. Thousands of them...they… oh my God!
— Don’t you panic on me, Corporal! What’s going on?!
— They… halt! Stop immediately! Fire!
Note from the mayor of Gostevar
The evacuation of the civilian population is progressing in a straightforward manner. We are asking everyone to remain calm and wait for further instructions from the military. Do not allow panic, and prevent the distribution of false announcements. We assure you that not one citizen will be left without aid.
Travel journals of the first Waderkvarn expedition
Management has given us a task — reach the SEER terminal. Our path will take us through lands in the grip of madness. Groups fighting for the last remaining resources. Raiders who kill anyone they see. And, of course, a new landscape and new geography. All of this awaits us beyond the threshold of the Waderkvarn shelter. We knew this day would come sooner or later. There’s a reason they call the SEER project the “Oracle.” We need to understand what’s happening to the world and to people. We need to upload all of the information we currently have to SEER. And get an answers. At any price.