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Crossout is the post-apocalyptic MMO Action game in which you can craft your unique battle vehicles from a myriad of interchangeable parts, ride them directly into combat and destroy your enemies in explosive PvP online battles in the air and on the ground.

Game Market - with developer's answers

In previous Developer Blogs we introduced you to various aspects of our project, but never mentioned one of the most interesting topics — the Market. This is where you can quickly buy or sell items and resources. Or you can snatch the best offer and make a great deal. Today we want to talk in depth about the game Market.

As you know, players can assemble their dream vehicles of virtually any shape, using various structures and frames, which can be obtained as battle rewards or built using Faction workbenches. You can also find the parts you need on the Market and just buy them from other players. 

The Market in our project is a unique place, where players can sell any parts obtained in a battle or built with a workbench, at a price that they feel is right. Pricing on the market is determined solely by players. They decide at what price they want to sell or buy all parts.

All market transactions are conducted with in-game currency called ‘Coins’. Players can get coins through store or on the market, by putting parts or resources up for sale. Remember that parts and resources can be obtained as a reward for victory in PvP-battles or PvE raids.

All parts and resources obtained as rewards are available to the player in his Storage. For example, we want to sell a ‘Shotgun’. After right-clicking on the weapon, we see that right now players are willing to buy your shotgun on the Market for 11 coins. You can put the gun up for sale at this price with one click and you’re most likely going to get the money almost immediately.

On the market players can place requests for items and resources and input the price at which they are ready to buy or sell. On the screenshot we can see that 38 players would like to buy the Shotgun. And the best offer is 12 coins. 11 players are willing to buy a special indestructible Shotgun, and the best deal is  15 coins. Indestructible parts are a very rare and valuable resource. Unfortunately, our Shotgun is the regular one.

We can also see that 34 players put their Shotguns for sale on the market.

All players assigned different prices for the item. If you click the part, you can see more detailed information on pricing on the market. We see that players are ready to sell a shotgun for 20 coins. As well as for 19.99 coins, and 18.89 coins too. But the best price to buy the gun right now is 18.50 coins. We also see that players want to buy a shotgun and are ready to pay 7.50 coins, 8.50 coins, 11 coins, and the most generous offer — 11.01 coins. Players want to buy 5 shotguns for this price.

Why are the prices so different? And what should players do? All prices on the market are determined solely by players themselves. You have to decide what to do — sell your items cheap but quickly, or raise the price and wait for other players to buy these items at your price. You will have to decide on the chosen strategy of market behaviour on your own. You can make money fast, selling items at a low price.

For this purpose the Market has a special ‘Quick sale / purchase’ feature. If you want to quickly buy, say, a shotgun at a price of the most profitable request, click on the listed prices in the market. The same is true if you are willing to quickly sell an item, it’s enough to click the specified price on the market. Your item immediately goes to the person ready to buy the item at the specified price.

You can try to earn a bit more coins, but you will have to wait for a certain amount of time. Your orders do not depend on your presence in the game. Even if you are offline, your offers and requests are always active on the market. It’s very handy. You can leave your offers, quit  and enter the game again later to see the flow of coins into your account or the successfully acquired new parts in your warehouse.

You can always see your history of sales and purchases on the market in the tab ‘Market’ — ‘History’. You can see exactly who bought your items and resources and at what price. And in ‘My orders’ you can see what you put on the market for sale and at what price. Or what you want to buy.

The Market is designed in such a way that you won’t be able to buy or sell something to a particular player. Since the system works automatically and selects the most profitable option for each player, you always sell or buy from players, who currently have the most suitable offers for you. This equalizes all players in the market, and the only determining factor is the price.

Answers to readers' questions:

Will there be a way to sort out multiple simultaneous offers? As I understand it it will be possible, though unlikely, that several players 'quick buy' a certain item at the exact same time - is there any particular way in which you sort which player receives the item?

In case this situation occurs the system works in accordance with the concept first come first served. So the player who created the offer first gets the item first.

Is it possible for players to buy and sell parts that do not have full durability?

To make the system of the market as simple as possible the possibility to sell/buy items without full durability has been removed.

Will there be any time you have to wait before you can sell items you just bought?

At the moment the player doesn’t have to wait before selling items that have just been purchased.

Could you sell whole cars on the market as well?

You don’t have this option on the market, but you can buy the whole car as a part of a pack in the gaijin store. And you can acquire interesting blueprints in the Crossout Exhibition.

I like the idea of a player driven market but will be there any form of taxation?

Yes, there is a tax that a player has to pay in order to sell items. At the moment it is 10% of the price.

Is it free to put something to the market? Or you have to pay some money first?

You don’t have to pay to gain access to the market.

What about basic components like wires or scrap metal - Will these also be sellable? Same question about unique faction items like weapons.

A player can sell/buy almost all the items in the game including all of the resources and the weapons.

Will I be able to trade vehicle parts with my friends?

No. In order to make the market operation as simple and safe as possible this ability has been removed.

If you place an offer to buy or sell an item for a certain price will it automatically be bought or sold if another player is selling/buying that item at a more profitable price than what you originally set? Or does the person buying or selling to you have to market theirs at the exact price you placed an offer for.

The item will be bought automatically. The market system is automatically oriented on providing the most profitable deals.

Is there a limit to the amount of items a player can have listed on the market at the same time?

Yes there is. The current limits are set to 20 for purchase orders and 20 for selling listings.

Will players be able to sell their own blueprints that they created on the market? Or is blueprint sharing limited to free listing only?

You can’t sell blueprints through the market, but we have implemented a relatively new game feature; Exhibition. It allows you to try blueprints from other players, evaluate them and download the blueprints you liked the most.

You’ve written that my orders do not depend on my presence in the game and if I am offline, I will get it nonetheless?

The transaction will be carried out even if the player is offline.

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25 April 2016