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Crossout Review 2017

I had a hard time quantifying exactly what Crossout is. It’s a free-to-play MMO, but it’s also a team-based shooter where you create the vehicle in which you offer destruction to your enemies. I did not expect to have as much fun as I did, and it’s due to a variety of reasons.

23 May 2017
Crossout Interview – Future Plans Detailed, 4K Support for PS4 Pro Confirmed

Crossout is due to launch on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on May 30th and we’ve talked with Gaijin’s CEO Anton Yudintsev to learn more about their future plans and console ports.

17 May 2017
Hands On Preview: Fuel-Packed & Ammo-Laced

Now, we have a new addition to keep an eye on, and this fuel packed and ammo laced package is called Crossout.

17 May 2017
Twist some metal in post-apocalyptic vehicle combat MMO Crossout

Crossout is, erm, out in Early Access now. A vehicle combat game set in a post-apocalyptic world, Crossout pits you against other players in Mad Max style road wars.

27 August 2016
Hands-on: ‘Crossout’ VR – Customize and Steer Your Death Truck with Oculus Touch

Strapping into the Rift, I was presented with a swath of vehicle parts, everywhere from rusty miniguns to a pair of steer horns to adorn the Mad Max-inspired death truck set in front of me. Popping the pieces onto my car using Touch was simple, with each individual piece clicking into place magnetically. Once I threw on enough side-mounted chain saws and spikes to boot, I took her for a test drive.

25 August 2016
Hands-On: ‘Crossout’ On Rift And Touch Was The Best Game I Played At Gamescom

That brings about Crossout‘s other big change in VR; first-person cockpit gameplay. Previously I’ve only played the game with the third-person camera, but inside the Rift I’m sitting in the driver’s seat and suddenly realizing it might not have been the best idea to clog up my window with the biggest, sharpest, pointiest things I could find.

19 August 2016
War Thunder dev's F2P car combat game Crossout enters closed beta

Crossout looks a little like Twisted Metal meets Mad Max with its machine gun-mounted cars duking it out in the desert. There's a huge degree of customisation available too.

5 April 2016

Take Part in the Next Phase of Advanced Battle Testing for Gaijin Entertainment and Targem Games Team Based Multiplayer Vehicle Combat Game

28 January 2016
Crossout featured in Top Online Games 2016

We were able to take a peek at the online game at last year’s gamescom, and we have to admit that we thoroughly enjoyed what we saw.

1 January 2016
Crossout's creators detail the upcoming vehicular MMO

Targem Games are working with publisher and War Thunder developer Gaijin Entertainment on Crossout, a new vehicular-based MMO-shooter. During Gamescom we had a chance to talk to studio boss Stanislav Skorb, who had plenty to tell us about the game.

10 September 2015

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