Gamescom 2016 Roundup

The German city of Cologne recently hosted the largest game show in Europe — Gamescom 2016. Thousands of players were able to try their hand as mechanics and fighters in tournaments and the latest game modes of the online post-apocalyptic action game: Crossout. 

26 August 2016
Station ‘Control-17’ location panorama

An abandoned raider settlement has been discovered near to the Eastern Array. Yes, the one where Scavengers ride their armoured trucks. The Raiders have departed in an unknown direction.

24 August 2016
Real Crossout armored vehicle at Gamescom 2016

We are presenting a real armored vehicle from the world of Crossout, created by a team of professionals from Morlock Motors aka Steel Buddies! It's a real combat vehicle with heavy-duty wheels, weapons and armor!

19 August 2016
Photos from the Crossout stand at Gamescom

First photos from our Crossout stand at Gamescom 2016!

18 August 2016
Crossout live at Gamescom! (updated 18.08.2016)

The postapocalyptic world of Crossout opens its doors for the first heroes! Guests of the largest European gaming trade fair in the German city of Cologne will be able to assemble their unique armoured vehicles and test them in battle from August 17th to August 21st at the Gaijin Entertainment booth.

15 August 2016
Crossout at Gamescom 2016 (updated 08.08.2016)

Approaching the biggest game exhibition in Europe - Gamescom 2016, which will be held in the German city of Cologne. The Crossout team could not miss this great event and is preparing for participation.

8 August 2016
Gift your friends with Crossout

We have great news for you! Now you can also purchase goods as gifts for your friends! For example, any unique packs of vehicles with access to the closed beta test of our favorite game.

6 August 2016
Terminal-45 location panorama

You are listening to Radio ‘Voice of the Wasteland’! This is Ivy XO with the facts and up to date information! Lunatic scouts found their way to ‘Terminal-45’. Yes, it is the same terminal where the Ghost Ship was seen on Judgement Day.

2 August 2016
Eastern array location panorama

This is Radio ‘Voice of the Wasteland’ once again. It's time for the latest news and the hottest contracts that are out there for the picking! The territory where Scavengers have been hauling their armoured trucks for the past few months is now in the clutches of Raiders.

26 July 2016
New parts procurement system

Our project is currently in closed beta testing stage. We are trying out new mechanics, approaches and solutions to ensure that the game is more interesting and captivating.

21 July 2016

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