Top Youtube videos from September

Now, old Bootleg will show you the magic TV that is YouTube, that showed the deeds of old. September’s deeds are up this time.

5 October 2016
‘Lost Coast’ Panorama

Panorama of a new map made specifically for the ‘Heist’ raid.

27 September 2016
Crossout Future plans

Today we raise the curtain on the development of Crossout. You will learn about the new features that the Crossout universe will be enriched with in the near future.

20 September 2016
Win a Roccat Mouse "Tyon"

If you want to get your hands on CBT access, a ROCCAT Tyon multi-button gaming mouse or 5€ Paysafecards, you have a chance to win these goodies by participating in our Social Media contest!

15 September 2016
Changes in the Validity of CBT Access Keys

A Closed Beta Test stage, important for the game development, goes on in our Crossout project since April. One of the ways to get access to testing the game on this stage has been getting a special CBT access key.

14 September 2016
New Features in Crossout

Crossout has received another Update introducing a new PvP mode, item fusion to create improved versions of weapons and modules, an overall weapon and module rebalancing as well as further improvements.

13 September 2016
Top YouTube Videos of the month

Here is a selection of some of the best Crossout YouTube videos from the last month. In this issue you’ll find all kinds of weird vehicles: all kinds of awesome vehicles, from a huge armed WALL-E to an insane millipede build. 

6 September 2016
Convoy Escort

Players need to defend a truck that is transporting a highly important load from raiders. The route runs through a long and narrow gorge that runs across the entire map.

29 August 2016
Gamescom 2016 Roundup

The German city of Cologne recently hosted the largest game show in Europe — Gamescom 2016. Thousands of players were able to try their hand as mechanics and fighters in tournaments and the latest game modes of the online post-apocalyptic action game: Crossout. 

26 August 2016
Station ‘Control-17’ location panorama

An abandoned raider settlement has been discovered near to the Eastern Array. Yes, the one where Scavengers ride their armoured trucks. The Raiders have departed in an unknown direction.

24 August 2016

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