Top YouTube Videos of the month

Now, old Bootleg will show you the magic TV that is YouTube, that showed the deeds of old. October’s highlights now.

17 November 2016
Crossout Update 0.3.10

Blazing with flames, shining with uranium, clan war is upon us! Join into clans, capture uranium fields and claim the title of the strongest clan of Crossout!

15 November 2016
Clan wars

At specific times, several groups of the most courageous representatives from each clan can participate in a unique mission.

9 November 2016
Top Autumn cars

Today we're sharing screenshots of armoured vehicles created by our players to bathe them in glory and show everyone the products of a truly boundless imagination in build mode.


8 November 2016
Crossout Update 0.3.9

Here comes a new update with a large amount of balance tweaks. Today we're changing weapons! We are reminding you that no changes are finite though! Parameter increases will only affect very few weapons: ‘Scorpion’, turret, crossbow and buzzsaw — weapons that are usually destroyed unfairly quickly.

2 November 2016
Dead Highway

Scavengers are giving out contracts for convoys through the abandoned cities of the North

31 October 2016
Crossout Update 0.3.8

Today's update is dedicated to the new map ‘Dead Highway’ and as a nice bonus you will also get new modes on the ‘Fortress’ map.

27 October 2016
The legend of Martin - "Knight Riders"

Foreigners came - but where from? They are led - but by whom?

25 October 2016
Crossout Update 0.3.7 ‘Knight Riders’

A new major game event is approaching in Crossout — this time with a medieval knightly theme, bringing new weapon, new detail, new decor, new paints, new balance and interface changes.

20 October 2016
Event announcement: "Knight Riders"

Major game event ‘Knight Riders’ is rampaging into Crossout bringing German Localization on its bumper!

19 October 2016

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