Structural parts: Future

We would like to share our plans to improve structural parts.

10 March 2017
We wish our beautiful survivors a wonderful holiday!

Beauty will save the world, even a post-apocalyptic one. We wish all inhabitants of the wasteland and those who have yet to join them a Happy Start of Spring.

8 March 2017
Crossout Update 0.3.16

To all survivors! This update completely changes the enemy roster in Raids, plus there's a considerable amount of balancing edits.

2 March 2017
Crossout one love - who's your spouse?

It's the time of spring holidays, and love is in the air. And if it passes you by, this test will help you determine who is likely to be your paramour in the world of Crossout.

22 February 2017
It’s February, 14th, so...

Happy Saint Valentine’s Day!

14 February 2017
Hard Truck Apocalypse Cars

Our craftsmen have built armored vehicles using blueprints from the distant future!

10 February 2017
Crossout Update 0.3.15

Survivors! Active preparations for the start of open project testing are ongoing. Our engineers have changed characteristics of the majority of structural parts. Part models and their characteristics will be further corrected in future updates.

7 February 2017
Structural parts: A New Paradigm

We often make changes in weapon balance, and now it's time to deal with the damage system and the tweaking of structural parts.

2 February 2017
Crossout 2017 calendar

We now officially claim the year 2017 (or 2047 if you like) as our own, the year of Crossout!

26 January 2017
Interactive parts. Horns

In the latest Crossout update 0.3.14 we are adding a number of new decor elements. These are interactive parts — ‘Horns’, each has its own unique sound and will further help you stand out on the battlefield.

24 January 2017

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