Crossout 2017 calendar

We now officially claim the year 2017 (or 2047 if you like) as our own, the year of Crossout!

26 January 2017
Interactive parts. Horns

In the latest Crossout update 0.3.14 we are adding a number of new decor elements. These are interactive parts — ‘Horns’, each has its own unique sound and will further help you stand out on the battlefield.

24 January 2017
Crossout Update 0.3.14
19 January 2017
Plans for the future

Today we are going to raise the curtain on the development of Crossout and tell all our survivors what to expect from the post-apocalyptic universe in the near future.

18 January 2017
Best crafts of January

Crossout engineers are ready to share their visions of unique post-apocalyptic armoured vehicles. Recharge your inspiration and hurry to the garage to build your own iron steed.

13 January 2017
Top holiday YouTube videos

A fresh batch of the most interesting Crossout reviews and impressions on YouTube released during the New Year's holidays.

11 January 2017
Crossout Update 0.3.13

Survivors! We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2047! We wish you happiness, success, love, and energy, and may ice on the roads pass your wheels by! This is the final update this year, and this time we are expanding the hangar, as well as making ‘Convoy’ structure more complex.

30 December 2016
Crossout: 2046 in review

Survivors, the past year was full of events. But it's coming to an end and it is time to take stock of the work done.

29 December 2016
Test - Which Crossout faction will you join in 2047?

A little test that will give you a better understanding of whom to swear your allegiance to once Crossout future becomes present!

29 December 2016
Wasteland encounters

Survivors in the wastelands... What will they tell you?

26 December 2016

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